Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Swim Lessons

Brooks did his first set of swim lessons this summer. I was really nervous about putting him in them because he didn't really love soccer but swim lessons were a completely different story and he couldn't wait to get in the water every day. I put Mia and him in the same class because they had a 3-5 year old class even though Mia should have been in the upper class because she has taken lessons the last two summers and knows what she is doing, kind of. I thought he would cling to Mia but he didn't at all and loved every minute. We did two sessions and then we stopped for the summer because these babies are coming and I need to rest as much as I can and working full time is about as much as I can do everyday. We will start again next year. 
 They loved playing red light, green light. 
 This is Tyson, Brooks' favorite teacher, he likes boy teachers the best.
 Mia also likes Tyson, she has kind of had a crush on him the last two years its pretty funny.

Monday, July 14, 2014

32 Weeks

We are getting so excited we can barely stand it!!! Speaking of standing that is getting to be quite the chore:) We are trying to come up with names we have two girl names so now we are working on the boys. This is the craziest, best thing that has ever happened. 4 more weeks and we will be at our target date, yay! 


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