Monday, January 31, 2011

100th Post

I can't believe this is my 100th post, crazy how fast time goes. I feel like I just started this blog. This picture was taken of Mia last night. She fell asleep in the car at 7:30pm last night and we tried to wake her up knowing that if we didn't we would have a long night ahead of us. Well we tried everything and it wouldn't work, she finally woke up at 9:15pm and was bouncing off the walls. She was so funny and we had a great time even though we didn't get much sleep. She is so funny and loving.

For the 100th post I thought I would tell you 100 things about me. I am pretty much an open book but maybe there will be some surprises.

1- My middle name is Ashley and I love my middle name. A lot of people hate theirs but my parents were nice and gave me a normal one. I wanted to name Mia Ashley but Kade calls me Ashley so we named her Mia Ashley Nichol instead.
2- I love country music.
3- I love Kade more than anything in this world and can't believe I am so lucky to have him.
4- When I am scared or sad I always sing "I'm trying to be like Jesus" its my favorite primary song.
5- I worked at Disney World, my favorite job by far.
6- Being a mom is the best surprise in my life, I had no idea how amazing it would be.
7- I love stupid teenage drama tv shows such as: One Tree Hill, Dawson's Creek, Everwood, Life Unexpected, etc, etc.
8- I love talking to my brother Ryan on the phone, we have been talking most days since high school minus his mission.
9- I love basketball shorts and hoodies if I could wear that everyday I would.
10- I drink after Mia, something I thought was so gross until I had my own child.
11- I love my Nana, she is such a great grandmother.
12- I love Fridays, the restaurant.
13- I am a sucker for a good chick flick.
14- I love the winter, and hate the summer.
15- I am lifeguard certified, something I thought was never possible.
16- I am a huge Jazz fan even when they are sucking.
17- I have worked in recreation for 13 years, weird.
18- I love groundhog day, presidents day, st. patty's day, flag day, & 4th of July.
19- Abby Wilson is one of my favorite people in this world.
20- Friends is the best tv show ever.
21- I hate all teams from Texas.
22- I love to play soccer.
23- I love juke boxes.
24- I love Disney.
25- I love 9am church.
26- I love Mia kisses.
27- I love Tom Hanks.
28- I love Backstreet Boys.
29- I waited for Kade while he was on his mission.
30- I went to BYU-Idaho for one semester.
31- I love going to bed at 9pm.
32- I have a reputation for taking people to the worst movies ever, such as Post Grad.
33- I have touched Garth Brooks and seen him in concert 3 times, he is my all time favorite.
34- #4 is my favorite number.
35- I broke my arm once.
36- I graduated from the U.
37- Zachary was my favorite cousin and losing him was one of the hardest things I have ever dealt with.
38- I love New York.
39- I love pickles.
40- I love fresh sheets and my bed made when I get into it at night.
41- I love that people think Brook and I look like each other and could be sisters.
42- I miss the days when Mona and I would kick the soccer ball back and forth for hours on Sunday afternoons.
43- Rockin Roller Coaster is my favorite ride at any park (its at Disney Studios in Florida).
44- I love chicago dogs.
45- I can't believe I am having my second child this year, when did I grow up?
46- Joy is my sister no matter who our parents are.
47- "Standing outside the fire" is my favorite song of all time.
48- I love getting roses for no reason.
49- I love shopping with Brindi.
50- I love that people still tease Kade about Nickelcade, as if he has never heard that.
51- I love that both of my sister in laws on my side are having babies with me this year.
52- I love to run Jr. Jazz its my favorite part of my job. Most people who run it dread it.
53- Chad Michael Murray is so damn hot.
54- High School Musical 3 is not only Mia's favorite show but I am quite fond of it too.
55- I love scrabble.
56- If money didn't matter but I had to have a job and had to choose that job based on where I live right now I would work at the front desk at Dimple Dell.
57- I love when Dallin calls me.
58- I broke my nose 4 times.
59- I have a concealed weapons permit.
60- I am a control freak.
61- I love the song Faithfully, reminds me of Kade's mission.
62- Anytime I ever hear anything about Pennsylvania I get excited, that is where Kade served.
63- I loved high school, all the drama good and bad.
64- Loved playing high school soccer, some of the best days of my life were spent on the field.
65- Love concerts :)
66- I have seen Rascal Flatts 6 times and Backstreet Boys 7 I just can't get enough.
67- Love making out in Bear Lake, it is my favorite part of "the cabin."
68- I love watching family videos.
69- I remember all kinds of weird dates, for instance if I ever liked you or dated you I know your birthday. I know days cd's came out, I know people's anniversary. Try me.
70- I love to sing even though I suck worse than you can imagine.
71- I love that I have a sister in law named Lola.
72- I love to talk about sports with my dad.
73- I think its funny when people are surprised that I am LDS, its not like I do anything to show that I am not.
74- I love the Anniversary Inn.
75- I like that I have worked in West Valley for 4 years, I have gained such a different perspective.
76- I love the Yankees.
77- I love that Kristen, Brindi, and I have all kissed the same person. (They are both my sister in laws)
78- I am a blog/facebook stalker.
79- Costa is so dang good.
80- I do things as a parent that I said I would never do before I was a parent.
81- Mighty Ducks 2 is one of my favorite movies of all times.
82- I am so lucky that Mona was my friend in middle school or I wouldn't have had any.
83- I love that Kade is the biggest sweatheart but that not very many people know that.
84- I told my Nana she had to live to be 84, she is still keeping up her end of the bargain. Because that was the year I was born.
85- I love Logan, I would live there in a second.
86- I am really excited to have a little boy, now if we could just figure out a name.
87- I like to clean the bathroom but hate to vacuum.
88- I love the song, "I'm proud to be an American" my mom taught us to be very patriotic.
89- I am a Twilight fan.
90- I think its funny that I am friends with most of the girls Kade used to like and we still hang out.
91- I love being pregnant.
92- Tacos are my favorite dinner to make.
93- My first kiss was at Hillcrest High School.
94- I loved when Dustin lived with me.
95- I still cry when I drop Mia off sometimes.
96- I like Hanna Montana the movie.
97- Love green lights.
98- Love loaded questions.
99- I love my crazy family.
100- I love my life.

I hope you enjoyed this lovely information. Enjoy the 100th post :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Last week we hung out with the Holman's and had dinner from Cafe Rio :) Then Sarah made cute sugar cookies that we decorated for Valentines day. We had a great time. Mia loved decorating, eating, and throwing the cookies. Sarah makes the best sugar cookies, I especially enjoyed them. Love yer face Sarah! Thanks for the fun night.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy 27th Birthday Kade

Happy Birthday Kade
These are a few of my favorite pics
I love you Kade! Thanks for being the best friend I have ever had, thanks for loving me no matter what, thanks for working so hard for our family, thanks for loving your kids more than anything, thanks for being so much fun, thanks for loving your family and mine, thanks for being supportive of everything I do, thanks for loving Disney, thanks for putting up with my crazy obsessions, thanks for treating our daughter like she is the most important person in the world, thanks for being you! I love you more than words can explain. Hope you have a great birthday even though you have to work 12 hours and are 4 hours away from us, we will have an awesome weekend though :)

The real Kade

The inappropriate Kade

The sweetheart Kade

The sad Kade haha

The Richards

The rebellious Kade

The supportive Kade

The adoring father Kade

The no one is allowed to touch my daughter Kade

The I hate my picture taken Kade

The serious Kade, haha laughing during pics at our wedding

The Ute fan Kade

The fresh from his mission Kade

The, I look hot Kade

The my wife makes me go to a million weddings Kade

The child Kade @ Disneyland

The Dimple Dell Kade

The fun Kade

The creepy Kade, love the eyeliner?

The for real smile Kade

The Bear Lake Kade

The friend Kade

The nerd Kade

The obsessed with babies Kade

Monday, January 17, 2011

Mia's Hair

Last night as I would bathing this beautiful child I pulled all of her hair into a spike. It was the best thing I have ever seen. Thanks for all the entertainment you provide for us Miss Mia. We love watching you play with your ABC's and numbers in the bath tub and name them for us, you are so dang smart! I love you my lovey :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Years

New Years was fun! Ryan and Lola had a party and we were able to go. It was a small but fun gathering. Ryan & Lola, Dustin & Kristen, Steve, Cam, & Ruthie, and us. We played Loaded Questions, my favorite game, watched "The Routine" one of the best Friends episodes ever, and laughed :) We were so tired so we stayed over and slept. We brought Mia's pop up crib and she went to sleep right at 9:30pm just like normal what a good girl. It was a great night and I am looking so forward to this year.

Toasting to 2011.

Ryan and I, one of our classic ugly pictures.

Dustin & Kristen and my nephew coming soon Hunter!

Ryan & Lola, waiting for it to be midnight. Lola had just told us she was pregnant a week before.

Our New Years Kiss, one of many!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Big Girl Bed

For Christmas mom and dad got Mia a big girl bed. It is complete with Tinkerbell sheets and comforter. We were a little nervous to have her in it but she loves it. We wanted her to have her own bed before the baby came and she is doing so well.

Mia you amaze us everyday. You talk in sentences, know who and what you like. You love "Troy" Zac Efron in High School musical more than anything. Just like your mom already obsessed with boys and shows. You ask for bites of food we know you won't eat then throw them on the floor and say uh-oh. You are too dang smart for your own good. You make everyone around you smile and feel loved. Thanks for being the best Ute fan, I love when we are driving and you out of no where say Go...Utes! I love that you are obsessed with brushing your teeth, however I think you just like to eat the toothpaste. Thanks for being the best buddy we could ever have.
Your daddy and I adore you every second of the day. Love you Miss Mia Mia.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Abby Abby Abby

You all wish you were friends with this awesomeness!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a fantastic Christmas! We are so blessed to live by family. First we had our Copeland family Christmas. We had a yummy dinner, presents, and saw the beautiful lights downtown. My grandparents were able to come too, it was so nice to see them. My Nana gave us a special present, she gave us the pickle ornament. When we were little she would hide it on the tree and whoever found it first would get money. I cried when I opened it, it brought back so many great memories. Thank you Nana :)

Still crying over the pickle haha.

Love Lola's face :)

Mia opening her present from Lola, she loved it.

Mia looking at the lights or sleeping through them.

The nativity with Kade's family

She was an angel and a lamb.

New pj's for Miss Mia

Present for baby boy Nichol.

Christmas morning!

Mia finding her Tinkerbell kitchen.

Giving Grammy loves for her baby. She had to wear the panties so we put them on over her pj's.

A present for Hunter, I am going to be his favorite aunt!

I told Kade to get excited, here is his fake excited!

Baby Signing Time!

The present exchange at Kade's grandparents waffle breakfast they have every Christmas Day.


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