Monday, October 31, 2011

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Mia

Mia you are the funniest little girl. I love you so so much. My life will never be the same because you are just amazing. I love your chubby little hands oh how they look just like mine and I am 27. You excitement for life amazes me. I love all the happiness you bring to your daddy and me. You count so well, you know your letters, the pledge, your birthday, you love to read scriptures, and when we pray at night you always thank Heavenly Father for your daddy it is so cute. I love when you pose for pictures. Thanks for wanting to snuggle with me and love me. You make Brooks light up when you come into the room you are such a good big sister. I love you and thank the Lord daily for you.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Taylor "Switch"

Mia and Ryan have a love for Taylor "Switch" Swift. Mia can't get her name right and its so funny. We were at Sway's having birthday cake, "Happy Birthday Sway" and I turned on Taylor and Mia freaked out and started dancing so Ryan joined it. It was the cutest thing ever. I am so lucky to have such awesome brothers. Love you Ry.

Halloween Carnival

We went to Copperview Rec for their Halloween Carnival on Saturday with my dad, Kristen, and Hunter. It was a ton of fun and Mia loved playing all the games.

Our cute boys.


Happy Halloween :)

Mia and her Pappy.

My cute little girl.


Brooks got to have his first cracker on Saturday morning and he loved it. I love this age, its so fun watching them eat. Love you little boy!

Monday, October 10, 2011

My three loves

I am not sure I could be happier. This is what I have to come home to everynight. Love you all!

Conference Fall 2011

We had a fantastic conference weekend. My mom came into town on Friday and stayed with the kids and me, Kade was hunting. We stayed up talking until 12:30am I couldn't believe how we had lost track of time oh and we watched Sister Wives since I am obsessed with that show, I know you are all shocked. Then Saturday morning I went to work and my mom watched my kids for me (thank you so much mom) then we went and had breakfast with Kristen and Hunter, Dustin was working. She made an amazing breakfast. Then we went home for naps. Then we watched the Ute football game which blew but it was fun. We baked Zucchini bread, and a whole lot of baby food. I had never made homemade baby food and it was awesome I will never go back. Our neighbors gave us a bunch of squash and Brooks loves it. Kade came home that night yeah :) Then the next morning Ry, Lola, and Ethan came up to watch the sessions with us and Kade made us all breakfast. That night we had cafe rio salads and hung out. I have the best family and I am so lucky to have them in my life. Thanks for an awesome weekend everyone. Oh and the conference was way awesome.......Star Valley Wyoming! My favorite line of conference, President Monson (or as Mia calls him, Thomas) is so funny.

Ry, Lola, Ethan, Tara, Brooks, Kade, Mia, Kristen, Hunter, Dustin.

The girls and the babies, don't you love Mia's face haha.

Me and all the babies, I love my nephews so much!

Me and the boys.

Go UTES!!!

GO UTES and also the cutest kids ever :)

My little baker girl.

Dustin and the boys.

My dad and Brooks during the morning session.

My sweet girl

Mia sure loves her brother and he loves her too they are super cute together. I am so blessed :)

Aunt Abby

My kids are blessed with many wonderful people in their lives however their Aunt Abby takes a lot of time to spend with them and love them. This was the day we were setting up Halloween and the kids were so excited about the cat and they both wanted Abby so she was holding all of them. I love Mia's face in these pictures.

Women's Conference

My beautiful, wonderful, talented, sister in law Kristen got tickets to women's conference and invited me because she is so awesome like that :) We had a great time going there watching me try and walk in four inch hills. I really wanted to wear them since I wouldn't be chasing children but that didn't work out so well for me and eventually Kristen had to switch me shoes haha. I forgot how much my feet have changed since I had my kids I guess I will just have to buy new shoes. I loved all the speakers and the messages that we heard. President Uchtdorf gave one of the best talks I have ever heard. A few of the things that I really enjoyed that he said were: Stop punishing yourself (I do this a lot over everything, especially working and I realized I don't have to do this everyday and the last couple weeks have been so much better for me) Be happy with your successes, Eternal perspective, we need to be happy with what we have now and be happy with everyday moments, the gospel is not an obligation its a pathway, we are never forgotten no matter how dark our days are or how insignificant we feel.

After the conference we went to dinner at Cancun Cafe it was yummy! Thanks dad for watching my kids so I could go since Kade was hunting. Thanks again Kristen it was so fun to spend time with you and we missed you Miss Lola Lola.

My Happy Boy

Brooks was a work with me a couple of weeks ago and we went to visit Ashley one of his girlfriends down stairs, she was in the day care and put him on this bike and he laughed so hard. He thought it was so funny. Look at that chub I just love it :)

The Black Eye

A couple weeks ago while I was getting ready for work I had Brooks in the bouncer chair in front of the bathroom and Mia was going in and out singing and dancing as she normally does and she tripped over the bouncer chair right into the corner of the wall. She screamed right away and I expected to see blood. We were super lucky that she didn't break the skin instead it all just came to the surface it was actually really cool to see other than the fact that my child was in pain. As a result she got this lovely black eye. Oh my Mia I fear we are in for a long life of injuries seeing as you are mine. Love you tough girl!


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