Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mia's First Jazz Game

I couldn't wait to take my Mia to a game any longer, if you know me I am a huge Jazz fan through thick and thin I am always there for them. So we took her on Monday January 25. The Jazz played the Suns and believe it or not they came back to win :) We went early and Mia loved watching the Jazz warm up she just starred down there. Then the game started and she was so good. We could never get a great picture but I like most of the ones we took. Notice Mia is wearing her Jazz outfit, yes she has multiple Jazz attire just like her momma. GO JAZZ and thanks for being awesome Miss Mia :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Kade!

Today is Kade's 26 Birthday! I am so grateful for the day he was born, he is the best friend I have ever had and I don't know what I would do without him. Here are 26 reasons why I love him.

1- He is tall and I can wear any shoes I want because we are a foot apart.
2- He was the one who talked me into having our baby girl.
3- Loves scouts more than anything I think, but still thinks he is cool :)
4- Enjoys watching 300 just as much as Nemo.
5- Loves the outdoors.
6- Could talk about guns and drink Mt. Dew for like 10 hours straight.
7- Pretends to be this mean hard guy but is actually the biggest teddy bear, just like his daddy.
8- Loves his family more than anyone I know and would do anything for them.
9- Could care less if the kitchen is a mess but if the soap dispenser gets clogged he will spend ten minutes fixing that.
10- Claims to hate Rascal Flatts but when we were listening to Skin a couple weeks ago was crying while singing every word.
11- He can fix anything.
12- Could care less what anyone thinks of him, except for his dad.
13- Loves Bear Lake and wishes he could spend every moment there.
14- Tells me how much he loves me everyday and how lucky he is.
15- He actually cares how Mia is dressed and hates pink stretch pants, so funny.
16- Breaks every cell phone he has ever had.
17- Loves rock climbing.
18- Can have Dave Matthews and Disney love songs in his cd player at the same time.
19- Loves Disneyland and acts like a 5 year old every time we go.
20- He is a hard worker.
21- That while listening to Backstreet Boys I asked him who was singing and he guessed AJ, which was correct.
22- Will watch Gilmore Girls with me, tell me he doesn't care, then complains how much he hates Dean.
23- Loves babies more than anything and if there are two in the room he will have to have both of them.
24- I love that no matter how mean he is to his sisters they will do anything for him, such as get him drinks, hold his foot up, make him special treats forhim for no reason.
25- Can make holes in the middle of M & M's with his tongue.
26- Because he married me!

Happy Birthday Baby!!! I love you :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Miss Mia

I am so in love with my Mia she is the best thing ever. We had a rough week last week, she had Thrush for the third time, and Enfintigo (not really sure how you spell it but thats what it is). She was in pain most of the week and not really her happy self. This week she is back to normal and I sure did miss her. She is the most wonderful baby and I thank the Lord everyday for the priviledge he has given me in raising Mia. Here are some recent pictures, I can't believe how old she is getting. It seems like I just had her.

Aunt Brindi put pig tails in her hair when she
went to play with Aunt Kacey and Blake for
the day while mom and dad were at work.
She looks like a little girl, I can't believe it!

This was me giving Mia a bath last Sunday
after we had one of Kade's birthday dinners.
My mom took the picture, she sure does love
her ducky :)

This is the first night of American Idol.
Abby came to watch it with me and
brought Costa and while we were
watching it, someone horrible started
singing and Mia stopped what she was
doing and flipped around to watch. I
guess she is my child :) Thanks for
the fun night Abigail!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hannah Montana The Movie

I am a sucker for cheesy Disney movies and this one got me. I have to admit I thought Hannah/Miley was so stupid when it first came out and I pretty much hated her. Then I heard the song The Climb and it has become one of my favorite songs. So I broke down and rented the movie. I totally loved it and even got Kade to watch it with me, then Kristen (Dustin's girlfriend) wanted to watch it too so of course I watched it again. I love the cowboy Travis he is super cute and I would have totally wanted him in high school haha. I would recommend it is cute, clean, and fun. Yes you may make fun of me because I am a nerd but you all know that already. I am looking forward to buying the movie and soundtrack.

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Years in Rexburg

We had the opportunity to go to the Watts home in Rexburg for New Years this year. We went two years ago and it was so much fun that we decided it would be fun to go again. We left New Years Eve day to drive up. Mia slept for about 3 hours, she was great. When we got there Weston, Christa, and Paisley were already there playing so we jumped right in. We played games, ate yummy food, and enjoyed time with friends we don't see as often as we would like. We got to sleep in and Mia even slept through the night :) We just chilled on New Years day it was so nice. We watched New in Town, which was so funny and I highly recommend it. We ate at Jack in the box for lunch because we don't have one in Utah. Then for dinner we had Chinese from Fong's it was great. On Saturday we took our time getting up and ready to drive home. We had a wonderful time and we are so grateful for our awesome friends. Thanks again for a great weekend, Joy, Tyler, Weston, Christa, and Paisley. We will have to do it again next year.

Waiting for dad to get home from work so we could go to Rexburg

I like this one of Christa

Playing games

You can tell how tired I am by my eyes. I never stay up past 10 and it was like 1am.

The Watts, our wonderful hosts

Its Midnight, yes Mia woke up to welcome in the new year

The two loves of my life taking naps

My beautiful daughter eating her lunch

Kade washing dishes, first time thats ever happened haha

Mia's first night sleeping through the night!!!


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