Sunday, November 28, 2010


I have wanted to go to this game my whole life. I got free tickets from work and I was so excited! It was a crazy game and not the best football I have ever seen but it sure was fun to be at the game. I loved being there through the end, I have never received so many hugs from random people. Thanks for sharing this fun day with me Kade, I love you baby!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Playing in the snow

The first big snowfall was beautiful and happened on a Saturday night so we were able to play and shovel before church. Mia wasn't so sure what to think of it at first but then she got in it and had a great time. I know the snowsuit is a bit much but it was really cold. I loved how the tree looked with the leaves still colored and on it. While we were outside we had a huge branch fall off it was crazy! I love winter and snow and I am glad that it is here :)

Mia's First Day of Nursery

Mia is a very busy little girl. She is always moving unless she is asleep. So having her in primary with me the last year and a half has been a little challenging. So we were very excited for her to start nursery (well me more than Kade, he is sad our little girl is growing up). We took her in and she was so excited, she ran right to the kitchen and never looked back. She has gone for two weeks now and just loves it. I am so proud of her for going and having fun with her new friends.

Mr. & Mrs. Faulkner

Travis and Kaylee got married on November 13. Travis is my cousin and we have been through a lot together. We have a tight bond that I can't even explain. I love you so much Travis and I am so glad that you are happy. We had a great time at your wedding and Kaylee looked beautiful!

Halloween 2010

We had a wonderful Halloween weekend. My mom came into town to visit for the week so she got to hang out with us for the fun. On Friday we went to Ryan & Lola's and had dinner and watched some "Friends" Halloween episodes. It was so much fun. Then Saturday we went to have an IHOP breakfast and Mia got a special balloon pumpkin then we went out trick or treating for a little while with our little Monkey. She had a great time and enjoyed all the candy. She fell asleep in the car at 7:30pm from all the excitement. We love you cute monkey!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

We love to carve pumpkins. It is one of my favorite things in this world!!! We had a great time with the family and Mona (who is also our family) carving. Also Kade is amazing he carved our three pumpkins and I cleaned them all out, its my favorite part! I love you family.

Stories with Nana & Grandpa

My grandparents love Mia and they soak up every minute with her. She was being so cute with them while reading stories. I am so grateful to have my grandparents involved in our life. Thank you for all that you do Nana & Grandpa!

Friday, November 12, 2010


Mia was lucky enough to hang out with Brindi and Maggie for a couple of hours last week and I got this cute picture of her and I just loved it. Her hair is getting so long. I can't believe how much she has grown this year. I am so lucky to be a mom to this beautiful little girl.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I am always a JAZZ fan win or lose but tonight we won in over time in Miami!! If you know anything about the Jazz they can't play on the road but tonight they pulled it off. I love you my JAZZ and I always will.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Last Friday night, October 29th we were driving home from Ryan & Lola's and we had just stopped at the light and I felt a little kick. I was so excited to feel the baby. Its nice to know this second time around what it actually feels like and know how to recognize it. We are so excited for this baby. Heavenly Father told us we were ready and here we are. I am so grateful for the gospel and its amazing plan. Love you baby Nichol #2! We are excited to find out what you are on December 2nd!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We went to Cabelas last weekend to shop and this cute display was outside. Mia just had to sit by the pumpkin. She loves pumpkins and Utah football! Go Utes, love you baby girl :)


I received this picture on my phone Sunday and fell off the couch laughing. You are my favorite Gail!


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