Tuesday, December 4, 2012


My wonderful, fun husband has always wanted dreads so about a month ago his sister, me and his mom put them in for him it took 14 hours!!! Yes you heard that right 14 hours and it was a really long day. He liked them and we did a good job I thought. Well on Sunday he decided he was done with them and as we were brushing them out it was gross! I gotta say I was shocked because he had ordered the kit that was for clean dreads and he washed them but it just didn't really work. We spent about 3 hours Sunday after church doing that. Anyways here is the finished product. His hair grew about an inch in a month I can't believe it! I love you baby and I love that you are who you are :)

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Festival of Trees

 We went to the Festival of Trees for the first time this year. We had a great time and saw a lot of awesome trees. There were way too many people there though so next year we will have to try going during the day. Mia and Brooks loved seeing all the different kinds of trees. I wish Brooks would hold still long enough for a picture but thats not him he is always going.
 I love this Halloween tree, I think its the best idea for a tree ever!
 Brooks is really into cars right now and he loved when we got to this tree.
 Go ReAL!
 I wish I were crafty or rich either way so I could have this beautiful wreath, I just love it.
 The million of people!
This is my favorite tree by far all made out of soda cans, it was amazing!


 Every Monday we have FHE, we miss having daddy around since he has been working out of town but I don't want the kids to think that we only do it when he is in town so I have made an effort to keep it going. On this particular night the kids wanted to have it in their room. So we sang our song and prayed and then started the lesson. Well during the lesson this is what happened. I know it was very effective as you can tell. I love our kids they are so fun and I am so lucky to have them. Monday's I also make their favorite dinner which is scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast, I know real fancy but they like it and so do I. As you can tell here Mia picked out her jammies for the night. Brooks is such a happy, easy going kid, I love how happy he is sitting in Mia's bed. Thank goodness for Monday nights at our house because Monday's are no fun but I have this to look forward to every week and it makes the day better.


 Thanksgiving weekend we put up the decorations and Mia had a great time. Brooks didn't seem to care too much but we had fun watching her get so excited about everything. Yes she dressed herself this day, she loves her boots. Our tree is just a bunch of random but I love it.


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