Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

This was the best Christmas because of Miss Mia. I never really like Christmas but having Mia has made everything so much better :) We were very blessed this year. These first pictures are of Mia in her Christmas dress she was very happy that day. We also went to visit Nana and Grandpa, they were very excited. Abby brought Mia over a cute shirt, the pink one with stripes and an awesome book that she loved!!! Thanks Abby

We spent Christmas Eve with Kade's family, it was a night of fun and entertainment. The kids and Grandma did the nativity and Grandma played the camel it was awesome. We had Christmas morning with my dad, Dustin, and Kristen his girlfriend who we love. Mia really enjoyed eating the wrapping paper. Santa brought her a leap frog table that makes all kinds of great noise. It was our 5th married Christmas, I can't believe how fast time flies. Then we went to Kade's grandparents house for strawberry waffles, they were delicious. We got to spend the afternoon there it was so much fun! We had a wonderful day and we had so much time spending it with the people we love :)

I have the best husband in the world, if you refer to a previous post it will explain that Kade asked me to our first date with the Grinch dvd and put a nickel in the cover. It was a dance and that is how we do it here in Utah haha. Well since then I have lost my dvd so since our big present was a blue ray player Kade got me The Grinch on blue ray with a nickel taped to it. He is so cute.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


We took Mia to see Santa Claus. It was so much fun and of course she was a perfect angel. I love this Santa, he is at South Towne Mall. We went at 3pm and there was only 2 people in front of us, perfect! Then when we got to Santa she played with his beard for a minute then we started to try and get Mia to smile and on the 3rd time she did. Mia is the best thing in our lives, I can't believe she is already 7 months old. She is such a blessing in our lives, I am not sure what we did before she was here but it wasn't nearly as much fun! Merry Christmas :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

4 Years

Happy 4 Year Anniversary to us!!! I can't believe 4 years ago today I married my best friend! I am so lucky to have Kade in my life, I can't even imagine my life without him. I love you baby thanks for an awesome 4 years, I look forward to the next 50 :)

Here are some fun pictures from that awesome day!

P.S. If anyone knows who ordered the surprise limo would you please tell us we have been dying to know.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Crazy Weekend!

This past weekend we had a lot going on and it was a ton of fun. On Friday night we went to The Mayan to have Dustin serve us. Lola had never been and we wanted to take her, she loved the divers. A group of ten of us went it was a lot of fun and Mia loved watching everything. Thanks Dustin the food was great and so was the service.

Saturday we celebrated our 4 year anniversary, our anniversary is actually December 15 but that's a Tuesday and Kade has scouts and we have work etc. So my in-laws took Miss Mia for the night (thanks Rich and Annette!) We went to Carver's for dinner it was AMAZING!!! If you have never been you need to go. It was the best steak I have ever had by far! We also had turtle cheesecake it was great. Then we did a little Christmas shopping and then we went to the hotel. We stayed at the Hilton (thanks Mahina!) It was so much fun to hang out together just the two of us, we rarely do that and it was great. I slept almost 12 hours I guess I was tired haha. Then we went to get our Mia Mia!

Later that day we had Christmas with my mom since Ryan and Lola will be gone. We had a pasta bar, salad, garlic bread, and dutch oven cakes. It was very tasty :) Then we opened presents and watched Mia eat the wrapping paper, she is so funny. Then we watched a family video of Christmas 8 years ago. If you know our family we love to watch family videos, they are hilarious. (Abby can vouch) We drew names and it was so nice to relax and hang out with each other! Kristen thanks for coming to have Christmas with our crazy family!!! Thanks to everyone for coming and helping with food.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First Date

Eight years ago today was our first date. It was Christmas Dance haha. Kade asked me with The Grinch movie and put a nickel in the dvd box, for Kade Nichol. He is so creative or whoever helped him was. In return to his question my mom and I made a blanket with Grinch fabric and put a yes in the corner. Thus started the blanket gift for every year but that can be for another post. For the Christmas dance we got to wear pajamas, my personal favorite dance. Kade bought us these cute pj's from Target and brought them to me at school. I was a little nervous to go with him as most of you know he was pretty much obsessed with me and it scared me a little. He came to pick me up and we were going paintballing in the gully first. He gave me the semi automatice gun instead of the hand pump one because I was his date. It was really fun to hit other people and we had a good time. Then we went home to get ready. I had just dyed my hair back to dark which I found out later he preferred the blonde so I am sure he was a little disappointed, but he didn't show it. I straightened it and then did waves on the top. I am such a brat, I made my mom take down the mistletoe because it was right at the top of our stairs and I didn't want to kiss him. Anyways he walked in with a dozen roses, they were beautiful! No one had ever brought me a dozen roses on our first date I knew there was something special about him but I kept it to myself because I thought I was in love with someone else. We went to his neighbors house to have dinner they had set up tables and chairs in the garage and had cooked dutch oven. Well dutch oven cooking is one of Kade's many talents and I was lucky enough to get to eat it. We had bbq spare ribs, potatoes, and pineapple upside down cake. It was so good! Then we went to the dance and got our pictures then we went into the dance. We were dancing and then a bunch of us were running in a circle and he let go of my hand and I flew across the gym. He felt so bad but I was just laughing it was kind of funny. We had fun at the dance then we went to Justin Hill's house to watch Clifford and eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Oh Trent and Sarah rode in the car with us, we went in the Durango. It was fun and he was so nice even though I am such a brat, funny how things change and how I can't even imagine my life without him. He is so sweet, loves me more than anything in this world, and is the best father I could ever ask for for our Mia. I love our first date story because it is different from most of our friends that are married. I love you baby, happy first date!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend 2009

Thanksgiving weekend was busy but oh so much fun. Started with Wednesday night when I got home from work Brindi was watching Miss Mia and we decided to go to Carter's to see if they had anymore Thanksgiving clothes for her. We walked in they had her size in this super cute outfit and it was 75% off!!! I was so excited.

Thursday morning we woke up and got ready to go to Aunt Shari's in Richmond, UT. We took these cute pictures of her on the couch before we left, the bow/flower we got from Holly and Trent, thanks for it! We got there safely. We were in charge of the relish tray and I also brought a salad. Kade made his mom's famous dip and it was a hit! I also made Pear salad, a recipe from Brook that I have grown to love and now take to everything! We had a wonderful dinner with my grandparents and all my cousins were home Travis, Derek, Taylor, Emily, and Zac in spirit! My dad came as well, so nice to have my parents be friends now makes holidays so much more enjoyable. My mom made her famous pumpkin roll and it was heavenly. Miss Mia slept through dinner and then entertained us after. Ryan and Lola got to our house at about 8:30 that night poor Lola had to work :( We missed them but had fun when they got there.

Friday I had to work and so did Kade. That night we went to a dinner at Haggerman's, Kade's cousin owns it. They were decorating the restaurant for Christmas and we ate dinner. It was fun to visit with everyone on his dad's side. We got the 4 generation pictures with both sides of our family we are so lucky that our grandparents are still alive. Ryan and Lola came with us that night too. Then we went back to our house. Mia loved chewing on the Pepsi can she was laughing so hard at it with Abigail!

Then Saturday Kade and I had to work, thank you Lola for watching Miss Mia then we had a mexican feast for the game. My dad came and cooked some yummy food! As you know we were not thrilled with the outcome but congrats to BYU for winning. Atleast the Jazz beat the Trailblazers that night!

Sunday afternoon my mom and Emily drove down to have dinner with us. Kade made his famous dutch oven it was so good! We visited, ate good food and played with Mia. She is the most entertaining little girl we just love her. Grandma fed her dinner, green beans and rice cereal. She loves eating food and does such an awesome job eating! Everyone once in a while you can get Kade to take a cute picture and here it is with Emily :)

I am thankful for so many things this year. First of all for my amazing daughter I don't know what my life would be like without her she has changed me in so many ways for the better and has made our lives so much better. Secondly for Kade he is an amazing husband and father and loves us so much. He has never complained once about doing something for Mia he loves her more than anything and takes care of us so well. Thirdly I am grateful for the wonderful family that I was born into. I have learned so much through the experiences that I have gone through and they have changed the person that I am today for the better. I would not change anything in my life. I am grateful that my parents are friends and I am thankful for Mia because she is the reason that they are the friends they are today. I am grateful for loving brothers who would do anything for me and my family. I am also grateful for Kade's family they have been so helpful with Mia and it gives me the opportunity to go to work everyday without having to leave her in day care while I am at work. It gives me so much comfort knowing that she is with her family and cousins. I am thankful for my both my jobs and for Kade's jobs we are so blessed to be able to have them. Thanks to all my friends who have been there for me this year and during my life we have the best friends in the world and we love you all!


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