Monday, June 25, 2012

Baby Ruby

Kade has a really cool extended family. In fact I love them like my own. In particular the Price family, they have always welcomed me with open arms and have treated me like a daughter. So when we found out Kyle and Liz were pregnant we were so excited! Mia was excited that they were having a girl which in Mia's mind means a Princess. So there was a family gathering and they brought Ruby and we were lucky enough to get to hold her and hang out with her for a few minutes. She is a beautiful little girl and I look forward to watching her and Mia play. Mia was so excited to meet her and Kade and I love love holding new babies. We are excited to get to spend more time with her and her awesome parents. Thanks Kyle and Liz for having this cute princess and sharing her with us.

 Mia meeting Ruby, she was so gentle with her.

Really made me want another one but we will have to wait a couple of years on that one :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

10 Years

Last weekend we had our 10 year high school reunion, breath I can't believe we are that old! It was really fun and having your spouse graduate from the same class is pretty awesome because you both know most everyone. They did a good job putting it together, they had a table for all of the classmates that had passed on which was more than I was expecting, there were like ten. It was very sad reading their obituaries. They had a slide show going of pics people had sent in. They left a few of mine out so I included some in here, also there were some pictures of me that I had never seen so that was fun. They had Cafe Rio catered which was great because that's one of our favorites and it kept the cost down. It was so fun to visit with friends and see people that I had forgotten about..oops and that aren't on facebook or that I don't keep in contact with. Its funny how people really don't change. I know lots of people didn't like high school but I loved it and had a great time at the reunion and Kade did too even though I had to drag him there.

 I took these pictures of the trophies while we were at the reunion walking around, it was fun to have it at the school.

 This is a picture I had never seen before and barely recognized myself, Kade pointed it out to me.

 Love this picture of Kade, oh bell choir.
 It was fun to see Keith at the reunion and catch up with him.
 We miss you Loffy.
 We missed you Bum and Matt.

 Missed you Kasi!
 Missed you Jared!
Justin and me.
  Matt and Kade, love this of them.
 Me, Mel, Katie, and Bonnie.
 Calle and her husband Jeff.
 He really wanted his picture taken.
 Katie, her husband Taylor, and their daughter Georgia.
 These are two of the couples that have survived since high school: Brandon, Ashly, Tara, and Kade.


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