Thursday, March 22, 2012

Go JAZZ!!!

I have had an awesome Jazz week. On Monday I helped with the sportsmanship party. It was a blast and we had a great time. Amy, my co-worker helped too. We got to sit on the front row and listen to Howard and Bell talk about being good sports and answered questions about players on the team. Then we got to watch the celebrity game which included T. Bailey and Big Budah. It was fun getting to hang out on the court. Then on Tuesday we got lower bowl tickets to the Jazz vs. Thunder game and it was an awesome game and the kids did so well. The Jazz won 97-90! I love the outfit that Mia was given before she was born from my friend Rachelle and now she was finally old enough to wear it. We got Brooks a Jazz jersey and it looked super cute. Mia and Brooks were clapping and cheering it was my dream come true to be at the game with my whole family and have them cheering. My dad joined us too and had a great time. After the game as we were leaving the usher told us to come here and he had saved a mini basketball for Mia, she was thrilled. It was an awesome night :)What a fun week, I hope they can keep on winning!

Oh Mickey

I have the cutest husband. I was stressed last Sunday while we were getting ready and there was lot I was trying to do before church so he said that he would make breakfast. When Kade makes food it is always good so I was excited for that. He told me it was ready and I came to sit down and saw this cuteness. He always knows how to make me smile. I am so lucky :) Love you baby!

St. Patrick's Day 2012

We had an awesome St. Patrick's Day. The Leprechaun brought Mia and Brooks St. Patrick's Day outfits and dyed our food and milk green. What a funny leprechaun. I love fun holidays, and having kids to celebrate with is so much more fun :)

Monday, March 12, 2012


It doesn't get much cuter than that! A hat on backwards and a dinosaur shirt with pappy. I am a lucky girl to have these two men in my life :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Princess Academy

For the past 6 weeks Mia's dance class has been having princess academy. They have been learning about different princess' and etiquette. It has been so cute. The last week was a princess tea party for the girls and their mom's. They got to show us their dance they had been working on, have treats, and dance with mom. It was so fun and the girls were all darling. They also got to dress up in their princess attire. I have loved watching her progress this year, who knew I could like dance so much. They do an awesome job with the girls its so fun. Mia looks forward to it every week.

Before class started, this is Mia with her friends Emmy and Sophie watching the older girls dance.

There are four girls in their class, Jayda wasn't there when we took the picture above.

They are so dang cute!

I love Mia's face right here.

Mia walking to the princess chair.

Her funny smile.

Stretching with Miss Emily.

Dacing with their teacher.

The Tin Foil Bride

Mia got to be a tin foil bride a couple of weeks ago at Brindi's bridal shower. She made the cutest little bride ever and everyone had a good time dressing her up. We had just come from dance so she was wearing her dance clothes which made it even cuter! I am so lucky to have such a beautiful, fun little girl.

Mia with her "magic" wand.

Presidents Day Party

We had our 5th annual presidents day party on Presidents day. Brindi brought her mini cupcake maker and made cute little cupcakes. We had an Italian feast and watched Breaking Dawn. Thanks for a fun night everyone :)

Little man snuggling with Aunt B!

Little man and his girlfriend.

Us and me wearing my 5 inch heels.

Abby wearing the heels.

Oh my gosh!


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