Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Why is naming babies so hard for us?

 Since we started dating over 12 years ago (wow) we have fought and fought about names. I always had my two names that I wanted like since I was 10 years old and I didn't use one of them haha. I am sure you are curious as to what those are they are Alexis Jayde, call her Lexi or A.J. and Zachary James (after my best friend cousin who has since passed away and my dad.) Kade likes names like KaBella (yes spelled like that) and Ruger (like the gun) I just can't quite get on board. Since we didn't find out what the babies were we would throw out names the whole time I was pregnant and we could never agree shocker! So we had these beautiful boys and for three days tried to figure out names, went through over 100,000 names it was insane. The whole time I was pregnant Kade had wanted Beckerman, I wasn't totally sold on it but it wasn't off my list and I figured if I gave him what he wanted then I could maybe get what I wanted. Well I really wanted Stockton but that was a for sure no go for Kade the other name I wanted was Jeter, that was never going to fly because he hates the Yankees. In the back of my mind for the last six years since the very first time I was pregnant I wanted to name a child Jordan, A- Because Michael Jordan is one of the most amazing athletes and greatest basketball players of all time and B- Because that is where Kade and I met. For a girl or a boy I thought it would be cool but I could never quite get him to agree but he never said he hated it which is amazing for him. Kade also is the one that came up with middle names, he found it very appropriate to suggest the idea of naming them after my twin brothers. However we didn't like that all four names would end in N, so we came up with the idea of their nicknames as the boys middle names. When Kade said JD I was sold, I loved that combination! So we have Jordan Dusty (JD) and Beckerman Ry (Beck). We love them and even though we didn't get the best reaction it doesn't matter because the two of us agree on them and love them. Dusty and Ry I don't think mind though, we were so excited to tell them.
My amazing cooperative divorced parents.
My dad so excited for some more grandkids.
Very excited big sister.
Brooks was excited to jump on dad's "bed"
Our first day as twin parents.
JD's first bath.
Beck was not happy.
Grandma with JD and Beck.
Grandpa with Beck and JD.
Family of 6, we couldn't quite get a good picture.
My beautiful mom.


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