Thursday, September 25, 2014


I made it to my goal and beyond! 38 weeks 2 days:) we were beyond thrilled other than the fact that I could barely walk. This was Tuesday August 26th. I worked up until Friday and only took Monday off because it was Mia's first day of school. I was blessed so much during my pregnancy with these babies. I also worked really hard to get them here safely. I would basically come home from work everyday and lay down I didn't want them to come early or have problems because of my selfishness. I gained a ton of weight I actually don't even know how much because I wouldn't look when I would go to the doctor but it was all worth it getting these sweet babies here. I went in to see if they would have time to get me in that day, my doctor didn't want me to go farther than than week. We went in they had room and then they started working on getting the babies on their monitors. They got baby A but baby B was hiding under baby A and they worked on it for 3 hours and couldn't get baby B on. They broke my water and just thought we would see how it would go since they couldn't give me pitocin until they could get baby B on a monitor. When I went in I was a 3 and 80% effaced. When I got my epidural I was at a 5. Oh the epidural, for weeks I had been stressed about getting it. I kept telling Kade how I was nervous about it and he told me not to be that I had already done this twice and it was going to be no big deal. Well it took the guy forever and I felt blood dripping down my back and it was sick! I laid down looking for relief and it didn't come. I felt numb on the outside of my left leg but that was it. We had him come back down to fix it and he readjusted it. When he ripped off the tape I cried it hurt so bad, little did I know that would be the least painful thing I would go through the rest of the day. He readjusted it and then said he would come back after the c section he had to go into. Well it still wasn't working, they were trying to get baby B on a monitor still and baby A's heart rate had dropped a little and my doctor said if it dropped anymore they would do a c section. I was fully prepared for that and I was fine with whatever I just wanted to get them here safely. They checked me and I was at a 7 and with the epidural not working I wasn't really enjoying myself. Kade was standing next to my bed and would hold my hand during each contraction and I would breath through it. I was doing really well during all this and I was shocked because I am not one for pain. At about 12 was when I was at a 7 at about 1 I felt tons of pressure and I was ready to push, they checked me and I was. When you are having twins they have you deliver in the OR so they got me ready and wheeled me down. I was really nervous to have to push two babies out and feel the whole thing. I was a little bummed they would only let me have one person in there even though it wasn't a c section so my mom didn't get to come which I was sad about since these are my last babies but I knew it would be okay. They rolled me down and I switched beds and it was cold! I started to push and realized this was going to hurt worse than I could have ever imagined. I was screaming like they do in movies and I wasn't exaggerating at all it was pretty crazy. There were tons of people in there and I felt like I was on display it was exciting, awesome, nerve racking, embarrassing, amazing etc. As I pushed baby A out I quite literally thought I was going to pass out or die I have never felt that much pain in my life. They said its a boy and they showed him to me, he looked like a blonde Brooksie and then whisked him away to the nursery. They had told me that was what they were going to do. We were thrilled a boy, Kade kept saying we have a son! It was good I needed a distraction from the pain. They still didn't have baby B on a monitor and it was making me extremely nervous. They were checking him with a Doppler but it was so stressful. Finally they got a monitor on him and I could hear his heart beat and it made me feel much better. Well as I was trying to push him out they couldn't get him down so the doctor said he was going to put the vacuum on him to get him down well that hurt worse than pushing baby a out and he couldn't never get it to get on. After about a half hour of this I could tell the doctor was ready to pull the plug and do a c section this was the thing I was dreading the most having to deliver both ways so I pushed for all I was worth and more and got out baby B who was also a boy! We were so excited, two boys!!! Baby B was screaming for all he was worth and as soon as they brought him over to me and I said hi sweetheart he stopped crying he knew who I was. Then I got to deliver the rest and their placentas had grown together and I wanted to see it and he showed us it was pretty cool and crazy looking. I couldn't believe I had just delivered twins vaginally with no meds basically and that I had two sons. Baby B looked nothing like baby A he reminded me of Mia. They took him to the nursery and then when they were done sewing me up, only two stitches thank you Heavenly Father! I got to go back to my room. My mom and Annette were there and my poor mom had heard all the screaming and it was very hard on her. They brought me baby A first because his blood sugar was a little low and had me nurse him right away, he did awesome and latched right on. Baby A was born at 1:36pm, 5 lbs 6 oz 17 inches long, he was tiny and perfect. Then they brought in Baby B and he was born at 2:11pm and was 6lbs 1 oz 19 1/2 inches, still tiny and perfect but made Baby A look really small. I couldn't believe how bad I still felt but I was so happy and ecstatic that they were both nursing well already. What a crazy day. I am so glad these beautiful boys are mine and that they got here safely. More to come...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


 I can't believe we finally got to the day of Mia starting kindergarten. I was so nervous and excited for her. Also I was 38 weeks pregnant with twins that day and found it a miracle that I was going to get to take her. I made her a special strawberry waffle breakfast and then we got ready for the day. She wanted french braids for her hair. After we took Mia and I didn't cry yay! Brooks and I went home and hung out for the last day before the twins joined us the next day. It was a really fun day.
 Brooks was really excited for her as well.
 She picked out a Sofia backpack.
 Waiting for school to start.
 Hanging out with Millie.
 Mia and Mrs. Smith.
 Mia, Millie, Sadie, and Leah.
 Kahlen and Mia.
 The red carpet walk.
 Mia's spot.
 Listening to Mrs. Smith.
 After school, she loved every minute. Her favorite part was lunch and recess:)


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