Wednesday, September 24, 2014


 I can't believe we finally got to the day of Mia starting kindergarten. I was so nervous and excited for her. Also I was 38 weeks pregnant with twins that day and found it a miracle that I was going to get to take her. I made her a special strawberry waffle breakfast and then we got ready for the day. She wanted french braids for her hair. After we took Mia and I didn't cry yay! Brooks and I went home and hung out for the last day before the twins joined us the next day. It was a really fun day.
 Brooks was really excited for her as well.
 She picked out a Sofia backpack.
 Waiting for school to start.
 Hanging out with Millie.
 Mia and Mrs. Smith.
 Mia, Millie, Sadie, and Leah.
 Kahlen and Mia.
 The red carpet walk.
 Mia's spot.
 Listening to Mrs. Smith.
 After school, she loved every minute. Her favorite part was lunch and recess:)

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