Sunday, April 29, 2012


I have been thinking about writing this all week and every time I do I talk myself out of it. This was a long time coming and it was very emotional for me. It started at the end of my pregnancy with Brooks. I started thinking that I didn't want to be fat the rest of my life. This is something I have always struggled with and had to work at. I always played sports and worked out growing up and it was still a challenge to stay at a normal weight. Then about 6 years ago I kind of gave up and just decided to accept that I was fat and that was that. Well I decided I didn't just want to accept it and I don't want my children made fun of because of me. There are already too many reasons kids are mean to one another and I don't want to be yet another reason. Also I want to be around when my kids are grandparents. So after I had Brooks I started running, now running is a lose term. You could walk the speed I was running at. I started with about a 20 minute mile, I hated every second of it. I knew I wanted it but I was not a fan. I would call my brother Ryan almost everyday to talk to him about it, he is a runner and works at a running store. Ryan never made me feel dumb or like a loser for being slow but instead was very positive and encouraged me all the way. He would help me whenever I needed him and would show me what I needed to do to improve.Then on July 1 last year my life changed, while I was on the phone with my Dad he was having a heart attack. I made him drive to the hospital and then me and Dustin rushed down there. He had two stints put in that day. Then a month later he had 3 more put in, he is doing great but it was really scary. It made me really think about the choices I was making in my life and I knew something had to change for good. I ran a 5K last summer just 3 days after my dad's heart attack and finished just under an hour which I was happy about because I had cut my miles down a little bit. I continued to train until September and then I started to waiver. I went back into denial. Then I decided to train for another 5K on Thanksgiving so I did and I finished under 50 minutes :) I was thrilled and that helped motivate me. I started to run and work out during December 3-4 times per week which was awesome however I wasn't watching what I was eating. I had lost weight since I had Brooks but I wanted to lose a lot more and it wasn't happening. Then finally in January I went to my yearly check in for our Healthy Lifestyle's program at work and I weighed in and was disgusted with myself, although to give myself some credit it was less than it had been the last three years (2 of which I was pregnant). So I decided right then and there that it was over. I had already signed up for the Salt Lake Half but now I needed a plan. I found a 12 week program on how to run a half marathon and discovered My Fitness Pal. This plan had me running 4 times a week and cross training one but for 11 out of 12 weeks I cross trained 2 times a week. It started with the long run at 3 miles and went up to 12 miles from there each Saturday I would prepare and at first it was really hard but as I kept running all week and eating better I found that I actually liked it. I would also plan my runs during the week when something I wanted to watch would be on which made it a lot easier. My long runs starting with 6 miles I started running outside and listening to music. It worked well. In all the weeks I only ever missed one shorter run which I was so proud of. I remember the week I ran 8 miles and I almost ran to Wheeler Farm and I thought to myself this place is really only 4 miles from my house? That is crazy I feel like its 10, one way. I spent hours away from my children but I know that the pay off is very much worth it because hopefully it will help our life overall. I trained up to twelve miles and the day I ran twelve miles I thought if I can do this I can run thirteen! I had my friend Ashley figure out a route for me for the twelve miles from work since I was running from there that day. She found one that went up to Day Break and around the lake, it was a beautiful run and I never stopped once. Finally the week came of the half marathon, I was to say the least stressed. I wanted to succeed and accomplish my goal but wasn't sure I could make it, however Kade did. On Thursday I started carb loading which was fun since I never eat that much or those things anymore. Kade also told me that he was going to run on Saturday, he had signed up but had injured his knee the week we were running our 7 mile run and had stopped. I was pretty excited that he would be there when I finished because of course he is a lot faster than me. His legs alone are twice as long as mine. Friday night we ate Olive Garden and went to bed early. Ryan slept over so that we could all sleep well. We got up at 4:30am and ate oatmeal and were on our way. We stopped to pick up Lola and Ethan from Kristen and Dustin's and drove to Gateway where we parked the car and took trax up. As we were riding my nerves finally started to settle and I could relax a little bit. We hung out, put sunscreen on and then we waited with our friends for the race to start, Weston, Christa, Brook, and us. Then we started and there we went. I felt great, I wasn't tired at all and kept running. I was pacing with the 12:35/mile markers until about mile 4 when I had to stop and go to the restroom. We had to wait because of the line but I couldn't go on without stopping. That took about 10 minutes, boo so Kade was with me and we hurried and started again. Then I just ran and Kade stayed with me, he was so sweet to do that because I'm sure it hurt his knees to go that slow worse than if he had just ran. I wore a Jazz shirt, and people would yell go Jazz which made me smile. When we got to mile 10 a lady got close to us and said thanks for pacing her she appreciated it. I love when that happens and it seems to happen to me every race which is funny because I am slow but I guess steady is the key. I just keep going and going. The last mile there is a hill and I thought I can't do this I am tired and hurting, Kade grabbed my hand, he said the babies are waiting for us, and we went for it. When we got to the top I could see the finish line so we ran and then as we got closer we sprinted and passed two people and finished. I love passing people when I run its the best! We got through the line and there was our beautiful daughter waiting for us. We hugged her and cried, it was the best feeling in the whole world. We finished at 3:10, which was about 5 minutes faster than I was figuring since during my training I had gotten down to 15 minutes miles sometimes faster sometimes slower but the average was 15. I think we would have finished at 3 if we hadn't stopped to use the restroom. Anyhow it doesn't matter all I wanted was to finish. After the race I had to sit for a long time because I was pretty dizzy. We waited and watched Ryan finish, he ran the whole marathon and he is my hero. Kade's parents watched our kids over night and brought them and it was so nice to have them there as well. Also Kristen, Hunter, Lola, Ethan, and my dad were there cheering us on. It was an amazing feeling and I have never been so excited and happy to have done something besides having my beautiful babies. After the race Kade's parents took the kids because it was mine and Brook's first outdoor soccer game, I know we are crazy. We went to lunch and then to get my stuff for the game. We ended up not having enough players so we had to play short and Brook and I were dead, but it was so fun. Then we went to Kade's parents to pick up our kids and couldn't move we ended up just sitting there for an hour and a half. Finally Kade's mom said she would go get us dinner and bring the kids and all their stuff to our house. So we got in the car, drove home, and took a shower, that was the best shower I have ever had. They brought us yummy dinner and then we enjoyed their company while we ate. I know that tons of people run more than that every day and I know that for most its not a huge accomplishment but for me it was huge. Since I had Brooks I have lost 48 pounds. I want to lose 80 more, but I have to go slow and steady a pound or two a week and it is working great. I am so grateful for all those who helped me with my kids while I trained, I know it was a huge sacrifice for everyone. I am so excited to keep running. This week I had a set back because I had to get one of my big toe nails removed and I am hoping the other won't need to be. Apparently this happens a lot but I wasn't expecting it and man does it hurt! I am really hoping to start again this week so that I can run and play soccer. I am not sure I will do another half but it was such a fun experience. Thanks to all my friends who ran it with me, it made it so much more fun. Brookie and Christa you guys worked so hard too and I am so impressed. Thank you Ryan for being my hero, you are amazing. Also thanks to my loving husband who spent hours watching the kids while I ran and for also running with me. I am so very blessed in my life. 13.1 and that .1 is the most important!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Brooks' One Year Stats

 Brooks you are a funny boy always smiley until we take pictures! I love these faces though, they remind me a lot of his daddy. We went for his one year check up and he did awesome! His stats are:
Weight: 22.02 lbs 35 %
Length: 29.61 inches 39%
Head Circumference: 17.8 14%
He is little but even, I feel like he is a lot taller than Mia was and he is, she barely breaks the 10% for length still.
 This is my favorite, he just did that.
 N for Nichol :)
 Eating some food!

 I love these cake ones.

 Love this smile, he was so happy to eat this cake.
 Mia couldn't help herself, she wanted some cake so bad.
 How can you not love those feet.
I wasn't planning on being in the pictures but he caked me and it was so fun. Thanks Amy, as usual you are awesome :)

Hanging out

One day we were at Mia's dance class and the girls kept playing with these toys in their classroom so finally their teacher brought it out. I turned around and the next thing I know Brooks has climbed into the bin and was playing. What a freakin cute baby, oh how I love having a boy!

Easter 2012

We had a wonderful Easter this year and so did the kids. Since my birthday is close to Easter we did my birthday dinner with my family and Easter all on the same day which was awesome. Church was uplifting and so nice to go to on Easter and not teach. I am so grateful for my Savior and all he has done for me. I always have Kade make my favorite dinner for my birthday dinner which is dutch oven potatoes and chicken. It was as usual amazing. We had my family over and had a hunt for the kids, they had a great time. Thanks to my wonderful family for making it such a fun day. I love you all more than you know.
 Blowing bubbles with Huny.
 Mr. Ethan
 Love Brad's face.
 It doesn't get much better than that!
 The three boys, I love them. 
 Easter morning.
 Before church in their Easter outfits.
 My momma and Brooksie!
 Mia's basket!
The Easter Bunny was awesome this year.

The Haircut

We waited a really long time to cut Brooks hair. Kade didn't want to cut it until he was one, well we made it 51 weeks and i just couldn't handle it anymore. It was poking him in the eyes and people started calling him a girl even though I would never dress a little girl like that people are really smart! So we decided to go to Cookie Cutters, they did a great job and my baby now looks like a little boy instead. Thank goodness they had the slide to keep Mia entertained and Brooks had fun climbing it too.
 He loved getting to sit in an airplane.
 During we were trying to get him to watch tv, he didn't really seem to care what was on.
 Mia thought it was so cool that she could walk and ride down the slide.
Wow it really was long. 
After we got home Mia was so excited to send a picture to Grammy.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brooks is 1!

 I can't believe my baby turned 1! This year has flown by and I can't believe its over already. It has been an amazing year having Brooks join our family. He is a happy, smiley, loving baby and we are so glad that he is part of our family. He made the transition from one to two kids almost seamless because he is just a happy, content little boy. We had a great party and had fun seeing everyone. I decided on the theme baseball since it was when baseball season would be starting and I like the rivalry in our family. I had a ton of fun planning his party. Thanks to everyone that helped set up, take down, and came to support Brooks on this very special day.
 The bounce house was a hit as usual, Brooks and Mia especially enjoyed playing in it.
 Each table had a picture of Brooks, cracker jacks, baseball caps, and a table decoration.
 The food table, we served baseball food (chicago dogs, chili dogs, peanuts, popcorn, cracker jacks, chips, cotton candy, salads, cake, etc.)
 Our family Red Sox vs. Yankees.
 Mia loved the cotton candy.
 Thank goodness some of the Copeland's have good taste.
 Me and my Brookie!
 The popcorn and cotton candy, we had a ton of fun making it.
 My cute grandparents and Brooks.
 Kas and Brooks, she made his amazing birthday cake.
 I asked her to make a baseball cake and this is what she came up with, she is awesome!
 I love that she even got the bases right.
 Ready to try that yummy cake.
 He really wanted that ball to come off.
 I love how he is eating the side of it.
 Opening presents, he got some awesome stuff.
 Weston and P.J. 
 My nephew Ethan and my brother Ry. I am one lucky girl :)
 The Yankees Fans!
 Amy, Ash, and me.
 Grammy Huny and Brooksie.
 Pappy and Brooks.
 A tired little man as the party was winding down.
 Our beautiful little boy, we love you so much little man and we love having you in our family.


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