Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Big News

I am not sure how I forgot to post this but Mia is a potty trained girl now night and day. She has been since October and it has been fantastic. Here are a few shots of her sporting some of her big girl panty's. I especially love this one of her in the hat. Good job Miss Mia I can't believe you are so old :)

Helping mom cook and just wearing panty's her favorite way to be.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Arc Flash

I am finally ready to write about what happened with my sweetheart, its been 2 1/2 weeks but feels like it was forever ago. I know I posted this picture already but this is what he looked like 2 days before his accident. Kade had a few days left of vacation from this year so he decided to use it during the week between Christmas and New Years so we could spend some time together. Over the last year and some change Kade has been working in Ely Nevada Monday - Thursday, so we would only have him on the weekends and I work most Saturdays so our time has been limited and we were so excited to get to be together 11 days in a row. We figured out during that time that we hadn't spent that much time together since our honeymoon. We had a wonderful time with our kids, family and friends. We got to go swimming at the new rec center, J.L. Sorensen Mia and Brooks had a blast, we took Mia bowling for the first time, had dinner together which is a rare occurance, and just got to play with our kids. On Monday January 2 we went shooting had a great time, then spent the afternoon and evening with the kids, sad that Kade was leaving the next morning because it had been so fun to be with him for so many days. We had FHE and it was so fun to have Kade there to do that with us. So Tuesday morning we got up at 3:45am to get Kade ready he left and things were normal again. Those holiday weeks were busy busy so I was so excited to be back to normal. I took the kids to Misty's, went to work, picked up Mia went to dance, went to my grandparents house had dinner like we do every Tuesday and then went home, put the kids to bed and talked to Kade. The next morning we got up to go to work. I was texting Kade like I normally do good morning love you etc. I dropped the kids off went to work and was thinking about all my goals that I wanted to accomplish for the year and I got to thinking wow we have had a great couple of years, 2 beautiful babies and all the love that they have brought to us. My dad's heartattack was rough last July but he made it through and it is doing awesome, my grandma also had a heartattack and she isn't doing well, hope she gets doing better soon. Anyways as I was sitting at my desk contemplating my week and all the goals I wanted to accomplish I realized that I couldn't consentrate like normal at work, something was bothering me but I didn't know what. I looked at my schedule and realized that I would have to work about a 9 hour day on Saturday and I really wasn't looking forward to that because I was being selfish and feeling bad for myself that I would miss out on the fun that Kade and the kids were going to have together. Right then I text Kade and said I was sorry I would have to work all day Saturday, usually I get a smart ass remark back about how I am ditching him but nothing came. I went to talk to my boss about this volleyball league that I was starting that weekend hence the reason that I would be working all day Saturday and I came back to my desk checked my phone and saw that I had a missed call and voicemail. I opened it up to see the location Ely, Nevada. My heart sank I knew it was the hospital who else would be calling me from Ely, Nevada. As I started to listen to the message I was sick to my stomach and started pacing. It started as this is Kevin so and so from the ER in Ely Nevada we have your husband Richard here and he is stable...........I stopped listening and immediately called back as the phone was ringing I was thinking so he wasn't stable, holy freak! They answered I said I was Richard's wife and they transferred me back to the doctor. In a calm voice he tells me that Kade has been electrocuted but that he is going to be ok. He said that it went through his right arm across his heart and out his left arm. This is every electrician wife's fear everyday they go to work. I was almost hysterical but I was at work which helped me to stay kind of composed. They told me that he was going to be flown to the U burn center, in my mind I was thinking he is going to be paralyzed, need skin graphs, or die. As I ran out of work I was a mess all I grabbed was my purse, I forgot my pump, work out clothes everything. I told one of my coworkers he offered to drive me to the hospital but I didn't want to be with anyone so he took care of telling my boss and employees. I got in the car I called Kacey who had my kids for the day and she was very calm told me they were fine they could stay all day and all night. I had given her formula months ago just in case Brooks ever ran out of my milk so I felt confident that everything else could be taken care of. Then I called Kade's mom as soon as I heard her voice I couldn't even breath or talk a very good thing to not do while driving right? Well I got out Kade has been electrocuted and was being flown to the U's burn center. She said she would meet me at the hospital, ok good that was done now I called my mom and fell completely apart and so did she. She kept telling me it would be ok but I really didn't think it was going to be, she said she was leaving Wyoming right away. Then the phone calls started coming to me, Kristen met me at the hospital too, she works up there. I talked to Ry he got a hold of everyone else. As I drove a calmness started to take over me. I just kept driving and eventually stopped crying. As I was pulling into the parking lot at the U Annette called me and said that she was right behind me perfect I wouldn't have to wait alone at all. We got up there and a nurse said they hadn't left yet. I was upset because I just wanted to see him but they said they were running tests down there and that they would be leaving in about a half hour. I filled out all of his paper work and turned it in somehow in my head thinking that if I filled it out fast that would get him here soon well it didn't. My cousin Travis called me and asked what was going on, he also works for the same company and had heard something. Then the masses showed up, Kristen, Rich, Jeff, Nana, Grandpa, Dustin, Ryan, Lola, Ethan, Mom, Dad, Dally (who was supposed to be on his way to North Carolina but his ride got hung up), Brindi, Mike, etc. It was so nice to have the distraction I was put together in front of everyone because thats what I do I am the strong one who doesn't need help or comfort, however I did so thank goodness they were all there. Finally after a long 2 1/2 hour wait the nurse comes out to get us to go back and see him. So Annette and I walk back there as we approach his room the nurse turns to us and says we had to shave his head and he is not very happy about it and I thought thank goodness he is annoyed that means he is ok. We walk in and there he lays as good as I ever imagined him looking, has all body parts, no 3rd degree burns, and crackin jokes. He was a little crispy but hey he had both ears, he could see, he was able to lift his arms and hold my hand. I cried knowing that he was going to be ok, as soon as I saw him I knew it. After we realized he was going to live, we got the real story. Lets just say I am not a fan of Ely Nevada doctors who don't know what the hell they are talking about!!! He was not electrocuted, he had been in an arc flash (which is a fire for a tenth of a second hotter than 3 times the surface of the sun) still dangerous, still scary, but not death which is what electrocution means idiot doctor! He then told us what had happened just a mistake that could happen to anyone but in my mind would never happen to Kade. He was flown to the U but not in life flight in an ambulance airplane, nope I didn't know they had those. When the nurse got on the plane with Kade to fly to Salt Lake she thought he was african american until she looked at his hands thats how black he looked. The doctor did give some correct information but telling me and his work that he had been electrocuted was not very helpful. People from his work were there to see him as well, they are amazing and I am so glad he works for such an amazing company. When they got him to the U they scrubbed him all down and bandaged up his arms they got burned because his sweatshirt had slid up. His right arm got the worst as it was second degree, his left arm and face were first. They also had to shave his head because of the burned hair. He looked so young with no hair and no beard because it had burned off. Rich and Jeff gave him a blessing and I felt releaved after. I sat with him until 11:30pm that evening I held his hand for a good 8 hours it was an amazing blessing and I cherished every moment. I wasn't allowed to stay over night because he isn't an infant, so I drove home and slept about 4 hours then when back to the hospital. Everyone kept coming in saying that he looked great it was a huge relief. They taught us how to change his bandage and also did his eye test to make sure there was no permanent damage and there wasn't, wow. How blessed were we. We got non stop texts, calls, facebook messages wow do a lot of people love us. We got ready to check out after we talked to the hospital people for hours it seemed. My mom brought Kade new clothes to leave in that were comfortable, basketball shorts and a Utah shirt and then we walked out. I couldn't believe all the stares we were getting. I held Kade's hand and we walked out people are not very nice. However there was one guy that was. I went to get the car and Kade stayed with my mom and some guy asked how he got burned and was so sweet about it. We got home and waited for the kids to get there. I was really worried about Mia because I knew she was going to have a hard time seeing Kade. When Kacey got there with the kids I went out to show her a picture of daddy and explain that his face was like a burnt hotdog but that it would peel off and he would look normal again. She was very hesitant and didn't want to go in the house so finally I carried her in. She held onto my neck for dear life and wouldn't let go for a good hour or so. Brooks didn't even notice and was is happy smiley self. Then we had a lot of family come to see Kade and that was a good distraction for her. By the end of the night she would tell Kade she loved him and kiss his hand. The next few days were hard but we got all the physical therapy in and Kade was feeling tons better. Mia found humor in his face and called him hotdog face which she is still doing occasionally, she is so funny. Kade was able to go back to work on light duty on Monday which was nice, he was sick of sitting on the couch. He has been back at work ever since and has had two doctor appointments and is healing well, he may have a little scaring on his arm but thats it. Since he was working in the office they were looking for things for him to do so they sent him to Phoenix to drive a truck home. They used to have an office down there and were just finishing up getting things back up to Utah. I was a little worried about him driving 12 hours alone and so was everyone else so my wonderful friends and family the Price family got me a buddy pass and I flew down on Wednesday night and so did he just on different flights. We stayed in the company house slept 5 hours got up went to see his grandparents who are on a mission there we loved getting to visit with them for a few minutes, and then drove home. We had so much fun talking together about everything and then when we started to get really tired I started yelling random things and singing really loud it was a blast. Also a big thank to Kade's family who watched the kids while we were driving :)

This was a very scary experience for us but has taught us a lot. First of all nothing matters besides family no matter whats going on at work, church, family drama none of it matters and takes a far second when something like this happens. Second that you have to take help when you need it, I have a hard time with this one but I have learned that its ok and that people really do want to help. Third that preisthood blessings are amazing and what would we ever do without the church and the Lord. Lastly not to touch hot things because they hurt :) Love you baby so glad you are here with us and that there was no permanent damage. Thanks to everyone for the thoughts, prayers, meals, helping with our children and your friendship.

I was walking through work a couple days later and saw this and freaked, never once have I ever noticed these signs and now I will forever.

This is what he looked like when I saw him.

Day 2

Day 3

Day 5

Day 6

Kade and his cute grandma.

Kade and his grandparents.

Showing the oranges we picked from the tree behind, they were quite tasty.

This is on Kade's birthday, two weeks after his accident. He looks amazing, I am so grateful he is ok and I love him so very much :)

Monday, January 16, 2012


For Christmas Kade bought me my first gun. I was pretty stoked about it. I have had my concealed carry permit for almost three years but hadn't really gotten around to buying my gun. I really wanted a revolver and I got one:) On January 2 since we were all off we decided to go shooting, and so did the rest of the world. It was packed on the west side of Utah Lake where we always go. I hadn't been shooting in over three years because I had been pregnant and had babies so it was well over due. Mike also got a gun for Christmas so he came with us as well. I wish there was a picture of me shooting mine but I was the one taking the pictures so I know why there isn't. I love how my gun shoots and how it looks it perfect for me. Thanks baby for me so awesome, you're the best ever!

Mike with his new gun.

Rich and Kade shooting their AR's.

My hottie husband :)

New Years 2011-2012

We had a really fun New Years. We hung out with Ryan, Lola, Ethan, My dad, Sue, Kam, Steve, and Ruthie (they are their next door neighbors, who we are lucky enough to have gotten to know). We made a fondue feast. Ever since Kade and I went to The Melting Pot for our anniversary we wanted to make it so we bought a pot and borrowed some for Christmas and made that well we had so much meat left over and since Ryan and Lola were in Oregon for Christmas we decided that we should have it again and it was a hit :) We made cheese, broth, and chocolate and it was delightful. We watch Toy Story with Mia and then put the kids down. We were all so tired we just kind of sat and talked, then we watched some Friends episodes of New Years Eve's and it was funny as ever. Then we watched the ball drop and kissed :) It was a simple fun evening, but it sure was hard getting up for church on Sunday, luckily we switched to 11am.

Brooks' first New Years.

Brooks and Ethan playing together so cute.

Happy Man!

Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas! I know this is late but we have had a crazy couple of weeks. We had a wonderful Christmas, it was so fun with two kids. Mia is at such a fun age, poor thing had a cold sore on her lip. We were at Walmart the day before Christmas and they had these outfits for cheap so I just had to buy because they were funny. We had our elf and Santa. We had our Christmas Eve at Nichol's house, it was fun. We had Christmas day with our little family in the morning which was so much fun, then we went to church I loved going to church on Christmas it was so great, and then we had my family over for dinner that night.

Love Brooks' face here.

Kade's grandma, we love her.

Mia loves to play on the exercise bike.

Miss Shaela and Brooks.

Funny girl in her new jammies.

Brooks opening his present.

Me and my love.

Santa came!

Santa came to Brooks too!

Taking a break from the present opening with a yummy bottle.

Love the boots with the dress :)

Go Green Bay!

Mia's first soccer goal.

Brooks' first basketball hoop.

One Tree Hill season 8, yep I am still watching it.

I really hated having to buy this hat but its what Kade asked for.

My favorite people.


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