Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Proud Momma and Aunt

This is my nephew Ethan, I am a proud aunt :) Love my new nephews they are both adorable and of course my Brooks is too.

4 Months

Brooks is 4 Months old! I can't believe it, he is getting so old. This is him at his check up, I love his little face here.

Here are the stats for our little man:
Weight: 16 lbs Length: 24.9 inches

He is a healthy big boy. Brooks has such a cute personality, always happy and smiling. He is my little sidekick at work, he is still doing well so I am still bringing him. He sleeps pretty good at night and is loving his rice cereal. He gets so excited when he eats. Its like boys start eating when they are born and never stop. He is almost rolling over, he likes to roll to his side but not all the way. He talks all day long and loves to play on his play mate and reach for his "friends"
We are so lucky to have this cute boy in our lives. Love you little buddy.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bear Lake 2011

We took Brooks to his first time at Bear Lake this past weekend. We had a good time and Mia loved the water. Mia had to wear daddy's hat because Brooks was wearing a hat and we didn't bring one for her. Brooks got in the water for a little while and wasn't quite sure at first but he did well.

Grandma and Brooks.

Aunt Kacey and Brooks.

My beautiful baby boy.

Uncle Josh and Brooks.

My little girl looking so grown up.

Tummy Time

Mia loves to play and help with Brooks. She loves him so much so while we were doing tummy time one day she decided that she needed to do it with him. I am so lucky to have such cute fun kids. Love you two!

Thanks Mom

My mom bought outfits for all the boys that were matching and so we wanted to take pictures of them together. It was a fun night :) We are so lucky to have all these cute babies in our lives.

For My Dad

My dad loves baseball. He grew up watching and playing baseball and we did too. For Mia's first birthday he gave her this Yankees uniform. We are both Yankees fans always have been, always will be. Baseball love runs deep in our family, in fact my brother Ryan is named after Nolan Ryan :) So for his birthday we decided that he needed pictures of his grandkids in baseball uniforms. We had a fun time taking them. Easier said than done taking pictures of infants and a two year old. We started at the park but Mia really wanted to play on the playground so we came back to our house and got them done :) Thanks Dustin and Kristen for all your help. Love you dad and GO YANKEES!!

4th of July

We had an interesting weekend but it was fun. We did fireworks with the kids and Mia loved it!

We had my dad's birthday lunch on the 4th and Dally was in town. We are so happy that my dad got to have his party, we are so happy to have him as part of our lives. As you can see Mr. Ethan wasn't here yet. Also this is our new couch, perfect fit for our family picture.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Loves

I have been missing my kids a lot today. Its hard leaving them and I wish so badly I didn't have to but such is life. I love this picture of them, they were being so cute that morning. I am so grateful to have them, I don't know what I did without them. They make everyday so fun and a new adventure. Brooks is getting so big and talking so much, he loves his voice. Mia is growing up too fast and tells me stories and what she likes and doesn't she is a little opinionated :) I am not sure where she got that from.

I love you my Mia and Brooks. I count down the hours to see you each day because I just love you so much and I know your daddy does too.

Monday, August 1, 2011

My Nephew Ethan :)

Ethan Ryan Copeland was born on July 11, 2011 (His parents 2 year anniversary). I am absolutely in love with him. He was huge 9lbs 7 oz. Lola is my hero, no C section and a 24+ hour labor. He is beautiful and perfect in every way. I love this picture because of his eyes. We are so lucky to have him in our lives. Thank you Ryan and Lola for all the work to get my nephew here. I love love being an aunt, even though I was before its fun every time one is born. Ethan has a special spirit to him, he is already so loving as you can see in his eyes. I am so excited to watch our boys grow up together, watch out Hunter, Brooks, and Ethan will be into everything in no time.


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