Friday, May 31, 2013

Mother's Day

 I love being a mom! Its better than I could have ever imagined and I have the best kids who love me so much!! I had an awesome Mother's Day. Kade made mountain man breakfast in the dutch oven and it was delicious. I love that I married a man that can cook. He and the kids spoiled me rotten with all new soccer stuff, shorts, shin guards, socks, ball, headbands, and a pair of new jeans with purple stitching they are really cute. Then we went to church and Mia sang which I loved. We came home and had my family over, had a bbq and a birthday celebration for all the May birthdays it was so fun. Thanks for the great day Copeland family! I love you mom thanks for always believing in me and helping me to reach my goals. Kristen and Dustin also announced they are having a baby in December, we are so excited for them :) 
 Mia chose the cake of course. She wanted a Snow White cake and then I had them put two Star Wars rings on the front of it for the boys. 
 My mom and the three kids that were there. 
My beautiful babies, I am such a lucky mom! 

Friday, May 24, 2013

My Mom Turned 50!

 We had a fun celebration with my mom turning 50! She had a party had this cool restaurant in Day Break. Then we had a family party on Mother's Day and then on her actual birthday I sent a bunch of pics of people holding signs saying Happy 50th Birthday Teri/Mom whatever they wanted. I started at 6am and went until midnight I had about 50 pics. Thanks to everyone who helped. It was awesome. She is beautiful and so supportive and loving. Thanks for being my mom, I love you so much!!! 
 Don't you love Kade's face. 
 My Sweetheart. 
 Anne and my mom, they have been friends for a long time. 
 A real smile :) 
Me and my momma! 

Planet Play

 We went with the Peterson's to dinner and to Planet Play. We have the pass of all passes and the kids were free and we just had to pay $1 each it was awesome. We could have stayed all night. The kids had a blast. I love having that pass, it allows us to do so much for basically nothing :) Thanks for the fun night! 
 They are pretty dang cute! 

Headband Girls

 I told you I just can't get enough of these headbands, they are addicting!!! 


My kids had a play date with George, yep the dog. He is Abby's adorable dog who my kids adore. We went and had an amazing dinner made by Abby :) Then we took George on a walk and they wore him out. They just kept chasing him, it was so funny. When we got back Brooks was tired too and laid down to rest. Thanks Abby for being an amazing aunt, we love you! 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mia Field Trip

 I went with Mia to her preschool field trip. We went to Harmon's and they gave them a tour it was so cute. They gave them apple slices and cookies and she had so much fun with her friends. I love going with her class :) I love her preschool they have done such a great job. 

1st Outdoor Goal

Mia decided she wanted to play outdoor soccer again this year. So we went to the first game and it was cold and rainy but Mia played great and got her first outdoor goal. Since then she hasn't been as aggressive but she is having a great time playing. She is also playing with her friend Stella from dance. They have been so cute together :) 

Brooks Turn 2!

 My baby turned two on April 14! I can't believe its been two years since I had this handsome little guy. He is such a joy in our lives and he is so easy going we love having him in our home. I love that he and Mia are best friends and they love to play together. Mr. Brooks is obsessed with Cars, Lightning McQueen especially as you can tell by all of the pictures. Brooks loves music and to sing along, he loves to play outside, and he talks constantly. I love listening to his little voice it is very hard to say no to that face:)

 Playing with his new toys. 
 Its hard to catch him smiling with a camera so I got this side view. 
 His new quilt that my mom made for him. He loves it. 
 Brooks from Aunt Abby!! 
 Presents :) 
 Family party, he got this awesome remote control car. 
 His Aunt Misty made him his own cake with Lightning on it :) 
 Mia being a helpful sister. 
 We had his favorite foods for dinner, pancakes, eggs, and fruit. Kade made his pancake into a lightning, yep I married a very talented man! 
 I love this face even though it is blurry. 
Thanks for being so amazing Brooks we love you so much! 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Copeland Family Pics

 These were taken on Christmas Day. We were so lucky that everyone was together and we had a great day together. I am so grateful that my parents can enjoy us all together and be a family even though they are divorced. We just got these pics that's why I am just putting them up.
Here we go: Jim Copeland, Teri Suhm, Kade, Tara, Mia, & Brooks Nichol, Ryan, Lola, & Ethan Copeland, Dustin, Kristen, & Hunter Copeland, & Dallin Copeland and his dog Nona. 


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