Friday, May 30, 2014

PreK Graduation

 The last two years flew by! We have loved preschool it has been a blast. Sunshine square has been an amazing opportunity for Mia she has loved it and learned so much. Her teacher this year was Miss Teresa and she has said she misses her everyday since school got out. Mia had a fun class this year 7 boys and 3 girls and she also told me she had two boyfriends, Nolan and Carson. She is such a funny girl. She did a great job with her part and the program was done so well. I am sad preschool is over and that she will be going to Kindergarten but I am very excited for her. Brooks will be starting in the fall and I am so excited for him.  What a great day, we are so proud of you Miss Mia! 
 Pappy and Mia
 Ashley and Mia
 Hunny and Mia
 Nichol grandparents.
 At her favorite restaurant...Olive Garden (she takes after her dad in her expensive taste)
 Mia and Remi
Miss Teresa and Mia

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What I want to be when I grow up...

A couple of months ago we were talking about what Mia wanted to be when she grew up and she said a heart doctor. I was taken back a little because this isn't the response I was expecting. We talked about what heart doctors do and why we have them. She explained to me that since her favorite shape is a heart she wanted everyone to have one that worked and not have any broken hearts. She amazes me everyday and I wonder constantly how I got so lucky to get such a wonderful little person in my life. She also wants to be a mom to girls only haha. She had to dress up for school so I found these scrubs online and she was thrilled to wear them to school. Love you Mia!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Surprise Baby Shower

Kristen and Dustin threw us a surprise baby shower. We were completely shocked and so grateful to everyone that came and all the effort that was put into throwing it for us and these sweet babies coming. Thanks to everyone that loves us! 

Mother's Day 2014

 I had a wonderful Mother's Day this year. I got to spend my day with my favorite people. My amazing sister in law made breakfast for us because we had just been so busy and wanted to help Kade out. It was so yummy! We went to church and I got to watch my kids sing, best part! Then we went to my mom's and Kade started cooking dutch oven cakes, he made three different ones. We were celebrating 5 birthdays, Mia, Ryan, Dustin, my mom, and my Aunt Dian. He made his chocolate caramel, pineapple upside down, and a strawberry(pink) for Mia. We also had Hawaiian Haystacks. I also got to hang out with my beautiful babies all day, it was perfect! 


 22 weeks
 23 weeks 
 My happiness
Sometime in the next three months I am going to be a mom to 4 children, 4!!! I can't believe it and its going to be hard, awesome, tiring, amazing, etc. This pregnancy has been very different for me, normally I am still going all out but I haven't been able to this time. My body won't let me this go round. The hard part for me is I was super active and had really prepared my body for pregnancy this time by losing weight, exercising most days, and had been eating healthy for the past two years. Unfortunately I am not able to exercise this time and it actually hurts to stand more than 10, 15 minutes. I am still trying to eat as healthy as I can but I have to eat so much that I have still gained quite a bit of weight. Every time I see myself I think I never want to be fat again this is horrible and I can't imagine ever going back to that lifestyle. I feel like I went from one extreme to the other and back but I have to keep reminding myself its not for me its for these two beautiful babies growing inside of me. I am so looking forward to meeting these little babes, finding out what they are, naming them (if we can ever find a compromise), having the hardest year of our life, snuggling with newborns, watching my other babies love and take care of them, watching my amazing husband melt like he does with all babies, running again, getting back in shape, playing soccer again, and adjusting to life to a mom of 4. I am so grateful that I have been given this privilege and so grateful to have such an amazing supportive husband next to me to help me through it all. He has been so patient and kind and loves me no matter what :) 

Brooks' 1st Soccer Game

 It was a cold first game but Brooks did pretty well. He is shy so he would play and then come out and go back and forth but it was really fun to watch him. He and Mia are playing on the same team since Mia wasn't 5 yet which was really nice for us. Kristen is coaching them and Hunter is playing as well. Its really fun!


 Holidays with kids make life so much more fun :) Our fun neighbors have an Easter Egg Hunt every year in their back yard where they have whoever wants to come, bring candy and its awesome. The kids had a good time. We also colored eggs at Kade's parents but I didn't get any pictures. The next day we went to church then had a fun Easter dinner and hunt at my mom and Scott's house. It was a great weekend :) 
 Mia and Elsie
 "Take my picture Mom" 
 Ready for church.
 My pretty girl.
 The awesome hunt at my mom's new house, it was so fun! 
 Brooks got the golden egg.
 Mia was mad she didn't get the golden egg.
 I told her if she didn't get a smile on her face I would take away her eggs.
 My twins with my twins :) 
 Exchanging candy with friends.
 New flip flops yay!
 I just love them! 

Brooks' Birthday Celebrations

 It's too bad this little boy of mine isn't loved hahahaha. He had three birthday celebrations and was spoiled rotten. For his actual birthday we let choose where he wanted to go to dinner, he chose McDonald's. Now for a normal three year old that makes sense but for him the only reason he likes to go there is because he gets a toy and sliced apples he barely touches his other food. He got the Jake Legos that he asked for and Lightning McQueen stuff which he is very excited about.
 Playing together after they had put on their jammies for this night.
 His cake was a dinosaur for my side of the family and he was so excited about it.
 His cupcake at Kade's side.
 Opening presents, Lightning McQueen.


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