Friday, April 23, 2010


If anyone knows anything about me they know that I am a HUGE Jazz fan. I mean I have cable just so that I can watch the games. I love them always have, always will. I am proud of how they have stepped up this series.

This picture was taken by me when I had the privilege of working a Jr. Jazz program last year. I got to meet Boozer and Okur, so it was worth standing for 3 hours straight while being 8 months pregnant.

I hope they go all the way this year. It is always my hope but we are doing great for right now. Anways GO JAZZ GO JAZZ GO JAZZ GO JAZZ GO JAZZ GO JAZZ GO JAZZ!!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

11 Months

Mia is 11 months today! I can't believe it, it has flown by. Here are some pictures from the last month. I love you Mia!

Mia with Aunt Brindi and her sunglasses

Daddy giving Mia a bath, she looks just like him.

Mia playing at Grandmas

Hanging out with mom, love that smile :)

This is the coolest cake that has ever been made
for me. My sister in law Kacey made it for my
birthday. It is "spaghetti & meat balls" it was
so good.

Mia went shopping with dad, he has a hard time
doing her hair so thats why she is usually in a
hat when he gets her ready and of course a


Watching daddy's horse

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


As most of you know I love the Backstreet Boys, always have, always will. Miss Abby text me last week to let me know that they were coming. The next day I bought tickets for me, Abby, and Brindi. We are excited to go it is going to be awesome. This is one of my favorite pictures even though Kevin wont be there, since he left, I can't wait. Just had to post something since I have busted out all the cds to brush up on the songs haha. Can't wait to see Frack :) Only you true fans will know what that even means. Wow I am a big nerd!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter was good this year. It lasted all week, it was so fun. On actual Easter Kade was sick, in bed so that wasn't fun. My mom came down and we chilled and watched conference. Then we had dinner with my dad, mom, and Kristen. We eventually all got sick yuck! Mia got a picture of Christ for her room and a fun Easter basket. On that Friday night we went to hang out with the Reeves family to get pictures with Mia and Saydria in their Easter dresses and their Bee outfits (They are 7 months apart). It was a blast!!! Mia just wanted to eat Miss Saydria and kiss her. We had Easter with Kade's family today. We had the egg hunt and dinner at the Prices house, they have an awesome yard. Mia had a great time, she got eggs, ate big girl food, and jumped on the trampoline. We are so blessed to have Mia in our life. She makes everyone smile that she comes in contact with, what an amazing gift she was blessed with. Thanks for the fun week everyone.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I can't believe I am 26!

I had an awesome birthday thanks to my awesome family. Kade got up early and made me breakfast, since I had to work. He made biscuits and gravy it was so good. Then I went to work til 3pm. Then I got to hang out with my Mia and Kade. Kade had my presents ready for me when I got home. I got beautiful bright daisies! Then he spoiled me...I got Jazz b-ball shorts, NY Yankees & Jazz decals for my car to match my Ute one. New Moon, and a Red Bull. Then that night we ordered in Fridays and watched Twilight and New Moon with Abby, Brindi, Kristen, and Sway. Abby gave me about the coolest present ever, Backstreet Boys nail decals, I am so excited to put them on. She also gave me a really awesome card with boots on it, inside joke it was so funny. Kade's parents gave me my blinds I love them!!! We celebrated with my family a week later, it was a great day. My mom gave me super cute Teva's and my dad gave me gift card to Gray Whale. Well I just want to say how grateful I am to all my friends and family who remembered you guys are awesome! I must say though having my daughter is the best present I could ever ask for, she brings me more joy and happiness than anything in this world. Thanks for being you Miss Mia :)


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