Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Some people are blessed with friends from the time they are born, others have to work hard to find friends, and some people make new friends all the time. Well Kade is very blessed to have had some best friends since he was born and when I say that I mean they have been his friends since as far back as he can remember. Kade lived in the 23rd ward growing up. I know that you may not think that means anything but if you are married to someone that grew up in that ward then you would know it. They all love it and talk about growing up all the time. I am friends with some of the spouses of people that grew up in it and they all have the same things to say about how great it is. One of Kade's best friend growing up was Bum (Cameron Blackhurst). Kade tells me about all of these crazy times that he used to have with Bum and how much fun they had growing up. Well the funny thing is I knew Bum before I knew Kade and I thought he was so funny and one of the nicest people ever. Well they have stayed friends over the years and I am so happy that they have. Bum now lives in Japan so we don't see him too often but we were so lucky that his little brother was getting married so we were able to spend some time talking with him while Kade was in town since he works out of town. We had such a good time and Brooks loved him. Elaine came too and we had a nice chat with her. I am so grateful that Kade has had such great friends over the years they have made a huge impact on his life. Bum you are amazing, thanks for all that you have done for Kade and our family.


We went to see Santa on Saturday. Kristen found out that they were doing free Santa pictures at the Dodge dealership and we drove down expecting tons and tons of people and we only had to wait for one person in front of us. Mia loved seeing Santa and telling him what she wanted, also the candy cane they gave her she loved. I can't wait to see what Santa brings her this year.

Brooks did pretty well. I was a little worried but he did good and Santa was great with him.

Hunter loved Santa's beard. It was so funny!

My nephew is so dang cute.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

6 Years :)

Wow 6 years! I can't even believe it has been that long. We celebrated this past weekend and it was my turn to plan. Well I really wanted to take Kade to Hawaii, its one of his dreams but it was not in the budget so I opted for the next best thing, a room at Anniversary Inn called Hawaiian Hideaway. We love the Annniversary Inn, it was our 4th time staying there. We also went to Melting Pot, we love that restaurant too and look forward to it every couple of years. The food was better than I had remembered and our server was awesome. We had the fiesta cheese fondue and it was amazing, ceasar salad, a seafood, steak, chicken combo and the original chocolate which is milk chocolate and peanut butter. It was so good we were dying when we finished because we were so full. Then we went to Anniversary Inn, since we were staying in the Hawaiian room we watched 50 first dates (it was also the first movie we watched when Kade got home from his mission). We had a wonderful time and their breakfast is amazing too.

We were talking about how we had been married as long as middle school and high school are which is crazy because I felt like those years lasted a long time and these 6 years flew by. We also were talking about how in our marriage we are so lucky because we never have challenges with our relationship just in all the other aspects of our life haha. We always have each other to lean on and its so amazing to have someone like that. Thank you for an amazing life Kade Nichol, you are a wonderful husband and father. I love our life!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


We were hanging out at Kade's parents house last Sunday and there was some jerky on the table and we were all eating it and we let Brooks try it and he loved it and took it from us and sat and chewed on it for a good half hour it was so funny.

Kade's cute grandma and Brooks.

Santa Baby

Mia has been taking dance since September at Prodigy Dance and she absolutely loves it. She had her dance performance on December 2 at the South Jordan Equestrian Center, they were having a huge Christmas Boutique. Mia did wonderful and I was so proud of her. I may have shed a tear or two while watching her, I can't believe she is so grown up. She loves her friends in her class, they are twins Emmy and Sophie.

This is my favorite.

Starting their performance.

She has such beautiful hair. Thanks everyone who came and supported our little princess.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Temple Square

We took the kids to Temple Square with Joy over Thanksgiving as I mentioned in an earlier post. However Joy put up these pictures because we forgot our camera and I loved this one of our family. We had a blast we are so lucky to live so close to Temple Square. Thanks for the fun idea Joy!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

10 Years

I know I have written about our first date before but I just wanted to recognize the day. 12/8/11. I can't believe that it has been 10 years since then. We had such a good time and even though I wasn't sure about Kade I am so glad he was for sure about me. I thought I would tell you about our dating since 2001.

2001: Our first date to Christmas dance where we went paint balling, ate dutch oven, went to the dance and watched a movie, hung out on New Years Eve too.
2002: We went to see a performance at the Conference center for the Olympics, then we were together in April and went out every weekend after that, we went to concerts, movies, mini golfing, went to Bear Lake took 4 wheeler rides, went to the temple, carving pumpkins, etc.
2003: We went on a special date for Kade's birthday because he was going on a mission, we went to Melting Pot and fell in love, went to see movies, went to see Rascal Flatts for the first time together, and then Kade left on his mission.
2004: We found new ways of "dating" through letters, packages, and talking on Mother's Day and Christmas.
2005: We were still writing letters, a surprise call in January :) then Kade finally came home and we went on some really fun dates, Disney on Ice, concerts, movies, Jazz games (one on the 12th row!), dinner at Panda I think that was our new found love that year, Bear Lake, carving pumpkins, we played a lot of soccer that year, we went on tons of double dates, and got married at the end.
2006: We went on a lot of dates with Mona this year haha (we love you Mona), we would go to the movies every Friday night, I think we saw every movie that we wanted to that came out that year, concerts of course, we saw Kenny Chesney and Rascal Flatts and more I am sure, we played soccer that year too until I tore my ACL, during the summer we didn't go out as much, Kade was working 7 12's for the entire summer that year it was long.
2007: We kind of got over our movie kick and started doing more productive things, however we still saw movies, went mini golfing, Bear Lake, went on a lot of double dates with Richard :) we were trying to find him someone, concerts, Jazz games, Disneyland, and we went shooting a lot that year.
2008: We started going on dates to find houses like every weekend that was fun let me tell you what :), concerts, some movies, fireworks all summer, cook outs, Jazz games, dates with Sarah and Richard, finally we found him someone :) (we love you both) Disneyland, and then Kade started working in Wyoming so our dates went to going out to dinner because I was pregnant and never felt like cooking the first trimester, Abby would hang with us too because we love her, then the end of the year dating was buying and looking at baby stuff.
2009: We were still buying and looking at a lot of baby stuff, temple, Bear Lake, and lots of dates with Miss Mia Mia, we took her to movies, rented a lot of Red Box movies, Jazz games, played games, I started to be a much better cook and would cook for dates, making cookies together, going on a few dates alone.
2010: We started to feel like we could leave Mia a little more we went to the temple, concerts, movies, dinner, still a lot of Red Box, and towards the end of the year Kade started working out of town again and I was not feeling great from being pregnant (notice a pattern, Kade leaves and I am pregnant, perfect timing right?), we then started looking to move again but decided to stay a couple of years, we went to some baseball and Jazz games too. We did lots of play dates with Mia, especially with Weston and Christa and Paisley.
2011: We started getting things ready for Mr. Brooks, we went to some movies, a few concerts, the temple, mostly we have had time with our kids and being a family and it was been amazing, I wouldn't change it for the world.

It is crazy to look at what we used to do compared to what we do now and how life changes. I am so grateful to be married to Kade, he is amazing and I am so glad he asked me on a date all those years ago. Love you baby!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Somehow I talked Kade and Ryan into running with me on Thanksgiving morning. (Ok I didn't have to talk Ryan into running it) We ran the Human Race in Draper. It was really fun and we ran into a ton of people that we knew. Ryan took second in his age group and he ran the 10K. Kade did awesome for his first race, and I shaved off 9 minutes from July :) We were so happy. It was a good time. I want to do it every year. Oh and yes we look great right haha it was 7AM:)

Brooks sleeping in my mom's arms.

He woke up very happy :)

This was our 5th Thanksgiving married :)

Oh yeah and we had 2 kids in the last 6 years :)

So excited to eat. Kristen and Dustin hosted a wonderful Thanksgiving and did a great job.

Happy boy enjoying his first Thanksgiving.

3 of my favorite people :)

We went to see the lights with Joy on Friday.

Mia's first time riding trax.

Then the kids got sick for the rest of the weekend so we stayed in and decorated. Mia put on most of the ornaments. It was a blast.

We also went on a double date with Richard and Sarah and we had a great time, we went to Red Robin and to see Jack and Jill. I love Adam Sandler and it didn't hurt that Katie Holmes was in it too :)


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