Tuesday, October 29, 2013


 I had been wanting to take the kids to Lagoon for a long time but it is so dang expensive so when my brother in law got discount tickets we jumped right on it and had a ball. I was worried Brooks would be scared but he loved every minute. 
 Look at his smile! 
 They were so excited! 
 Nerds :) 
 My loves.
 I love Brooksie's face here. 
 They loved the splash pad. 
 Mia liked standing right over the water. 
 These crazies wanted to go on the sky coaster. 
 My beautiful baby boy. 
 No words. 
 I love Kade's face here. 
My princess girl is so happy :) 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Season

 Mia came out with a bang this season. Something clicked in her head and she decided to really play. She ran hard, scored goals, and played some defense we were extremely proud of her :) Shocker right haha. Her first game she had a hat trick, this was not a fluke she scored one or more goals in all of her games. She didn't even fight me putting on her uniform (normally she doesn't like to because it's not a skirt or dress) she happily got dressed and ready for her game each week. Way to go Mia girl!
 Mom and Brooks watching the game. 
 Mia and Rayleigh.
 Giving her coach five after scoring a goal. 
 I had to put up this picture because man alive she looks like me! 
Yay a trophy, great season Mia we loved every minute of it! 


 My kids adore their Grandpa Nichol. They get so excited every time we go out there. One day he took them on a ride on his tractor and they thought that was the best thing ever. Here is Brooks with his name sake :) I love that we named him after his grandpa and his daddy, two of my favorite men in this world. Also Brooks is wearing Mia's old uniform because he was sad that he didn't have a "team" (just wait little man you will have plenty of teams to be on.)  

20 Years

I met Brook on the soccer field 20 years ago when we both showed up for a try out. We have been playing off and on together since then. Our latest team won our league last season and we were pretty excited. It's so fun playing with your best friend and winning isn't bad either. Love ya Brookie!


Mia started Pre-K this year. She was so excited for school to start she asked about it all summer. On their first day they got to wear their favorite color and if you know Mia she is all girl and loves pink. She chose this outfit and shoes all by herself. I love that she has such an opinion of the clothes, shoes, and how her hair is done. She is definitely Kade's. This year she is going to school three days a week and has Miss Teresa as her teacher. She has two new friends in her class, there are 7 boys and 3 girls so the girls tend to stick together, it is pretty cute. We are enjoying watching her learn and grow she is an amazing little girl and we are so lucky to have her in our lives. 

Friday, October 18, 2013


My awesome friend Lisa asked me to write as a guest on her Fitness Friday spot on her blog. I was honored that she would ask me. If you want to read it here it is:

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

i can tri

We signed up and completed the Sandy City sprint tri. We did it with our friend Weston and had a great time. I trained for it and Kade worked his way through it haha. Our friend Jackie in our ward was also there and did awesome. I loved this tri it was fun, affordable, and a great challenge. The run was two loops which included rain tree drive, a long steep road that when I was in high school we would roll pumpkins down. My goal was to finish under 1:30, I finished at 1:29 yay! Kade was right behind me finishing at 1:30 and Weston finished way before that he is quite the athlete. Thanks to Christa for taking pictures and putting the frames together. 

 Me and the best supporter in the world, Kade is my rock and has been the most supportive. He is my best friend and I am so lucky to have him in my life. He does races with me even though he hates to and if he isn't racing or playing soccer he is on the sidelines cheering me on. I couldn't ask for a better husband or best friend. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Children's 47 Days Parade

 Our stake had a float in the children's 47 days parade so we walked in it and had a great time. All the kids blew bubbles and were so cute. 
Mia and Sadie. 
I got to meet my local celebrity crush...Casey Scott from channel 2 news. I was really excited and Ashley and Kade made fun of me all the way home. 


Kade worked in California for five weeks this summer and on the day he was coming home he sent these flowers to my work saying that he would see me in a few hours. It just so happen to be one of the worst days I had ever had at work and when I walked in to my office and saw them I started crying. It made my day and even more than that I got to see him three hours later a week earlier than expected! I am so glad he knows me almost better than I know myself. 

Jason Aldean

 We went to Jason Aldean this summer. He put on an awesome concert. Kade and I have seen him before and we loved it but this time it was even better. We also got upgraded seats and moved up to about 20 rows back from the stage. I love going to concerts it is my favorite thing to do. We had an awesome time and there was some great people watching :) 


No words are needed for how I felt about this new album that came out :) 

Old Friends

 When I met Kade I found out that he had some friends that he had had since he was born. I found it amazing because I couldn't imagine living in the same house since I was born and Kade and two of his best oldest friends had. Bum has always been Kade's friend and is the best kind of friend to have. It's really funny that I knew Bum before I ever met Kade. Bum and the Blackhurst's have always been there for him. He was in town from Japan for a little bit and we were able to get to hang out one night. We went up to the mountains had dinner, talked, laughed, and watched our 5 kids run around together. It is crazy to think that they have been friends for almost 30 years, Kade is very blessed to have such great people in his life and even more they have always accepted and loved me :) The kids also got to make S'mores and loved it! Thanks for the great night Blackhurst's!


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