Friday, March 28, 2014

Mia Girl

 This picture was while we were waiting for her parent teacher conference she was showing me her favorite things at preschool. Also she is completely adorable in these purple skinny jeans I love them. She had a perfect review at school and is ready for Kindergarten, I can't believe my baby is going to be going to Kindergarten. 
 Some times Mia really shouldn't miss her naps, (yes she is almost 5 and still takes naps) can you see why?
This was crazy sock day at Mia's school and she wore two soccer socks and two socks in her pony tails and Brooks had to jump in her picture, cute kids! 

My baby boy

 Brooks you are such an amazing little boy full of life and personality. You completely adore your sister and love to play with your daddy, and find time to snuggle mom through all of your car playing. We love having you in our family! 
 Sometimes you don't like to take your naps and I find you like this.
 and again.
 I love how much you love your cars and what joy they bring you.
 Hiding at a party that was at the church, you are so adorable! 
I love that you know Garth Brooks' voice on the radio and that you sing right along. Also in this picture you picked up your sandwich threw it down and ate all of your fruit first, you are such a healthy eater. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

January 19, 1984

 My amazing husband was born on January 19, 1984. He had been dreading turning 30 for 5+ years he is so funny about getting "old". I love my birthday and always look forward to it but he hates it. He threatened me no party so I actually listened and didn't do a party. We had actually decided that instead of doing parties for our 30th's we would go on a trip, after we found out we were having twins we kind of cancelled all plans we had for the future so we could focus on them and getting them here safely. So his only was request was to get to stay in bed all day, his birthday was a Sunday so this was actually a possibility. We had the family parties and they were fun. Scott (my mom's fiance's) birthday is also in January so they had their party together. It was a lot of fun to celebrate with everyone. Well his actual birthday came and I made breakfast and had his presents so he did get out of bed to eat and open his presents. I bought the pants he had been wanting so he was really happy. Then our friend Cirbie who is friend's with Kwame (ReAL player) invited our family to go to lunch with he and Cirbie and his son so we went to Buffalo Wild Wings and Kade loved every minute of it being with Kwame. It was a really fun day and then we just hung out the rest of the day and I made his favorite meal and Mia helped me make him a cake. I am so blessed to be married to such an amazing person, everyone always tells me how lucky I am and believe me I know. I thank my lucky stars I found a one of a kind guy :) I love you Kade Nichol!!! 
On our date to Olive Garden (Kade's favorite) and to see American Hustle. 

Two Years

As I was sitting on the couch on January 4th this year looking at my beautiful family reading a book together I felt so much peace come over me. I had just gotten home from work and it had been a shitty day because lets face it Jr. Jazz is one hard sport to run and the parents are even worse. As I realized what day it was I just started crying as I looked at them and realized nothing else mattered because two years ago our life had been changed forever. We were incredibly blessed that Kade wasn't more injured and that he has made a full recovery. This accident changed everything about our life. Our marriage was strengthened more than I ever thought possible, we stopped arguing, we stopped stressing about things that didn't matter and life is so much more sweet and amazing now. Of course we still have hard days and hard things in our life but we know that things could always be worse. I am grateful everyday for Kade's accident and the change and blessings that it brought to our family and continues to.

New Years

Nothing better than a New Years Kiss with your best friend and the excitement of a newly discovered pregnancy. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Two is better than one :)

 My whole life I have wanted twins. The idea of twins was always so appealing, probably because of my amazing, loving, and adorable identical twin brothers. My grandpa and great grandpa are also twins. When I was little I was a little bit jealous of them because I wanted a twin, a playmate, someone that was there all the time that I had a connection with. Luckily for me my twin came 5 years after I did. Because there were just the four of us Dally and I became very close. I am very blessed in that all three of my brothers are my best friends and are amazing brothers. We are all close because there are four of us in five years and that is how our kids will be.

When I started hanging out with Kade I met his sister Kacey who was pregnant with twins. I thought how great it was that I was going to get to be part of it and luckily for me I have been since the day they were born. The picture of me and Kade holding Colby and Shaela is one of my favorite pictures of us. I didn't realize it was a telling of what was to come.

 Both times I went in for my first appointment with my doctor for Mia and Brooks I was a little disappointed that there was only one but watching them over the almost three years had made me so happy I had them close together and they love each other and are always concerned about the other that I thought when I found out we were pregnant that I hoped they would be close to this baby too even though they were going to be a lot farther apart. We were thinking this would be our last one so when we went in for our appointment and saw that it was twins we were so excited and I was thrilled that Kade was there to see them. The doctor laughed and said that's not the normal reaction I get from people and I told him and the nurse that this is my biggest dream come true and that this is what I have always wanted. Then it all started to make sense because my pants were already tight at 8 weeks and I was feeling so much different than the other two times. As soon as we found out they were twins we still decided we didn't want to know what they were because it is just so much fun! He did put a lot more strict restrictions on me no more running, no more soccer, no lifting more than 10 pounds and 300 more calories per day but its all worth it. The videos of our telling our parents are the best, they are on facebook. We are so excited and thrilled beyond words. We know its going to be hard, tiring, and a challenge but we are so excited we can barely stand it. 
The first picture of our twins.
 I told you I was showing early.
 I had to move up a pant size already...crazy! 
 My babies at 12 weeks.


 On December 29 we found out we were pregnant with our third! This was something we both really wanted but in all honestly Kade is the one that made it happen, I started being too logical and had shut it down. Thank goodness for my amazing husband. The due date we figured out was September 8, 2014 which was perfect for my plan of having one fall baby. We also had decided not to find out what we were having since we have one of each and thought that would be a blast. Little did we know what was really coming. This pregnancy started out much different than my other two. I am a very different person than I was 4 and 6 years ago and I was going to run through my whole pregnancy and eat my calories and make it work because I have worked so hard to get where I am/was. As the next few weeks went by I was extremely tired, more tired than I had been with the previous two and it was like nothing I had ever felt. I was also starving! I just had to keep eating and eating especially so I wouldn't throw up which I hate. I was still working out every day and playing soccer but it was a lot harder than I had anticipated. I figured its because I was just over doing it a little so I started running three days a week instead of five and that helped a little. I started falling asleep around 6 or 7 when I would get home from work I was so grateful Kade was working in town because I don't know what would have happened to my kids other wise. My appointment was January 27 and I was so excited. Since Kade was working in town he decided he wanted to come with me. He had never come to that appointment before so I thought this will be fun....
3 kids!!! 


Sometimes you just want to try on your wedding dress and what a fun surprise it is when its huge! That was a fun night. Love you Ash :) 

Christmas 2013

We had a wonderful Christmas. We spent Christmas Even with Kade's family and then Christmas morning with just our little family. Then that afternoon we went to Kade's grandparents for waffles and then we had Christmas dinner at our house. Then kids got what they asked for and were so fun. 4 and 2 are really fun ages. I even got spoiled because I am married to Kade and he can't help himself. 
We had a friend Christmas breakfast get together it was a lot of fun. Thanks Ashley for hosting at your cute house.
 My coworkers know me too well :) 
 Brooksie and Huny.
 Even though this is poor quality I love Mia's face. 
 Playing with their Christmas toys.
 I love this picture of my dad and Mia. 
George came to our house on Christmas Eve, it was the best surprise brought me to tears. 


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