Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Brooks got to start vegetables this week. We started him on peas, I am not sure why I did that because wow are they messy but he liked them pretty well. I love this picture of him, like what is that mom?

Mia wanted her picture taken too.

Fair 2011

We went to the fair this year. I love going to the fair. We saw all the cute animals especially the baby pigs they were so small. We had fun watching Grammy and Mia on the carousel and having some yummy lemonade and funnel cake. We even saw a celebrity....well kind of we saw Elizabeth Smart. I was obsessed with her story so I was really excited when she was just two people in front of me. Kade and my mom thought I was crazy until she turned around and then they were like wow it is her. She was on a date. Anyways thanks for coming with us mom, we had a blast.


We decided that since there was nothing else to really put Mia in that we would go the dance route since one of my friends on facebook had put that her dance studio still had room and that they would take kids that were two without a mom. I really didn't want to try and dance that would be an epic fail. So we took Mia the first week and she did pretty well. She had fun with the set of twins in her class and her teacher is super patient and nice. We are enjoying it so far.

She was really excited because they had a "princess chair" for her to sit on.

This was week two after we got her changed and I asked her to smile this was what she did, oh funny girl.

Rascal Flatts

I saw Rascal Flatts for the 7th time on September 9, I know 7 times is a bit excessive but I love them, it also ties the number for the other group I have seen 7 times, yep you guessed it Backstreet Boys...anyways we had a really good time. We were so please to see that since Costa Vida bought out Bajio there is finally a good restaurant at USANA. Also there was some good people watching that is why I love to sit on the grass. There are so many freaks I really want to know where they come from. Abby and I wore our matching boots :) My favorite song performed was...Bless the Broken Road.

Yes this is how Kade smiles for all pictures its lovely right?

Brookie and I have been friends for 17 years and we still hang out, we thought that was pretty cool. Also we saw them ten years ago almost to the day together at the fair.

Brook stole my phone for some amazing pictures, enjoy :)

Well we were trying to join in with the people watching.

Brook brought her sister Shelbie it was her 16 birthday :)

This is just lovely and I wanted to share it all with you.

The Little Gym

There isn't much for two year olds to sign up for. Seems like everything starts at 3 years old. I really wanted to get Mia involved in something and nothing at my work starts until they are 3 as well so I searched and I found the Little Gym. They have a free first class so we thought we would take her and try it out. She had a blast and had so much fun. She learned how to do a summer salt (not sure how you really spell that) and Kade had fun with her too. We really like it but it is really expensive. I was shocked how much it was and I just couldn't bring myself to sign her up for $600+ per year. However if you have lots of money to blow this would be a good thing to blow it on and for the free class it was really fun and I am sure your kids would enjoy it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Dentist

Mia went to the dentist for the first time. She did a great job and Dr. Webb was so good with her. This is her after showing me her clean smile. Do you like how you can't see even one tooth? You are growing up too fast Mia slow down. Love you baby girl!


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